Saturday, March 31, 2007

What a Beautiful Day!

Today was a wonderful and rewarding day filled with meaningful experiences. One being Conference, each talk so far this conference has been in---credible! I loved Elder Scott's on prayer and hearing the voice of the Lord in your mind and your heart vs. a stupor. Elder Holland on the use of the tongue and how it is as sharp as a sword that cuts like butter. Elder Bednar on being born again, and many others, plus our very good friend and neighbor Russ Osguthorpe was called as an Area Seventy! Which we are not one bit surprised about Russ.

The next thing that made the day wonderful was a group of Young Men came from Sacramento California which was sponsored by my friends brother. We were in charge of getting a couple of BYU Football Players to present to them the program at BYU, plus Bronco's philosophy and give them a tour of the IPF and the Student Athlete Building. It was awesome. Dustin Gabriel and Kayle Buchanan did it for us and they were so humble, so kind, so uplifting and so fun all at once that it will leave a lasting impression on those young minds of hard work and love of the Lord forever. It was incredible. And I'm still Mama Preston to all of them.
Then the second session of Conference was just as uplifting. Elder Packer was one of my favorites and of course THE MUSIC of the choir was something else. Of course, Come Thou Fount was my favorite.
Then off I went with Mike, Nate and Lowell to the traditional dinner before Priesthood meeting. Lowell is just like a son and it was so neat to be with them, since Lara isn't here and us girls can't go anywhere like we used to. But the guys now take me along. Very nice.
Off they went to Priesthood meeting and I went home to be with Daisy and work on my talk. This has been the hardest subject to give a 10 minute talk on. But onward and upward I guess I go, hoping it will come to me what to say.
Now, it's late and the boys who are staying with us will soon be here and we will have a great time with them tomorrow.
I'm so thankful for the small blessings that come into our lives through other people and through circumstance.
Happy Conference everyone!

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Lara said...

Sounds like a great day! I was sad to have missed the first session being in St. George...especailly since I heard Elder Bednar spoke. Joel told me about it and I will have to read it soon.