Sunday, March 18, 2007

Buckets of laughter!

Well, the two giggly-buckets came over today and boy was I glad to see them!!! They are a hoot and a half. We took pictures of Brayden and Daxton with Jon, or Nate, or Grampa and Daxton couldn't stop giggling. He would try to get a serious face when I asked them to do different faces, like give me a surprise look, or give me a frightened look, or whatever buttt He kept laughing so hard he got the hiccups!!! Brayden couldn't let a picture go by where his tongue was not sticking out on every one. He would tease me when I would begin to take the pic and lo and behold there was his tongue, AGAIN!! What a nut!! What a joy they are! Looks like Brayden is now is the salesman business selling cookie dough in buckets, which of course, We bought two!! I so remember the days of the kids selling something every other week to the neighbors!! And vice versa! We just did that for each other in the neighborhood. It was a great way to support the kids in their endeavors and in their school activities.
Needless to say, this Gramma Deni adores Brayden and Daxton!! Forever and a day too!! I love these boys they make life so special!!!!

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Lara said...

Ohhhh....sounds like you guys had so much fun with them! They are so cute and fun! :)