Saturday, March 31, 2007

What a Beautiful Day!

Today was a wonderful and rewarding day filled with meaningful experiences. One being Conference, each talk so far this conference has been in---credible! I loved Elder Scott's on prayer and hearing the voice of the Lord in your mind and your heart vs. a stupor. Elder Holland on the use of the tongue and how it is as sharp as a sword that cuts like butter. Elder Bednar on being born again, and many others, plus our very good friend and neighbor Russ Osguthorpe was called as an Area Seventy! Which we are not one bit surprised about Russ.

The next thing that made the day wonderful was a group of Young Men came from Sacramento California which was sponsored by my friends brother. We were in charge of getting a couple of BYU Football Players to present to them the program at BYU, plus Bronco's philosophy and give them a tour of the IPF and the Student Athlete Building. It was awesome. Dustin Gabriel and Kayle Buchanan did it for us and they were so humble, so kind, so uplifting and so fun all at once that it will leave a lasting impression on those young minds of hard work and love of the Lord forever. It was incredible. And I'm still Mama Preston to all of them.
Then the second session of Conference was just as uplifting. Elder Packer was one of my favorites and of course THE MUSIC of the choir was something else. Of course, Come Thou Fount was my favorite.
Then off I went with Mike, Nate and Lowell to the traditional dinner before Priesthood meeting. Lowell is just like a son and it was so neat to be with them, since Lara isn't here and us girls can't go anywhere like we used to. But the guys now take me along. Very nice.
Off they went to Priesthood meeting and I went home to be with Daisy and work on my talk. This has been the hardest subject to give a 10 minute talk on. But onward and upward I guess I go, hoping it will come to me what to say.
Now, it's late and the boys who are staying with us will soon be here and we will have a great time with them tomorrow.
I'm so thankful for the small blessings that come into our lives through other people and through circumstance.
Happy Conference everyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ohhhhh, those Easter Eggs!

Okay so Easter eggs, meaning candy Easter Eggs are the bain of my existence! I have been soo sooooooo good not buying them, not eating them, passing them up at the store, and, to be honest, the store has enough Easter Candy to feed all Americans for 3 years without ever making more!! I am not kidding in the least! You know... the thing is, I don't have any problems with cake, ice cream, cookies, pastries, or any other sweet. I don't eat any of that stuff at all! But, my downfall comes from chocolate once in a while. I try not to eat it because it just makes me fat and I fight the pound or two all over again and I quite like how I feel without it. So I don't eat it. But yesterday I bought an egg for each of my beautiful grandchildren and guess what, I had one, then two and now I would like more, but I am NOT going to do that to myself. Then I have to workout a couple of hours aerobically to work it off. It is just ridiculous I do this to myself.
Well, I did it, so now I have to repent. (You know like lent. That was when I was Baptist, or Methodist, or going to Catholic Mass) Anyhow, isn't it just funny what we do to ourselves?
Enough babbling about Easter Eggs. Except for the huge awareness of just how much candy really is in the stores for Easter. No wonder we have diabetes and obesity at all time highs. I hope you aren't like me and have some self-control. However, don't be too proud if you don't eat sweets, because the reality is you probably have another area that is the bain of YOUR existence, just like I do in the candy area. If I have one I have to have ten, so it's better I don't have any. That's all, period the end!! Glad when Easter is over, that candy goes away for another year, thank goodness!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snowing again?????

Wow it's snowing again!!! I know we need the moisture, we are in fact in dire need! But, I think at this point of the year I am needing sunshine like never before. I have been analyzing things lately and notice that when we come out of the deep freeze and the sun shines, I really get happy! I hear the birds singing and I jump for joy! I get out there and start walking the roads again. I love being out of doors. As a little girl I would always run around outside with my collie, having a wonderful time, or go swimming in our built in pool with all of my siblings. It was such a simple life!! I would lay in the grass and look up at the sky, the blue blue sky and talk to God. I knew he was there, I knew someone was there, even as a little child before being introduced to the gospel. I would sit in the rain under the cabana and talk to God with my mother, she would pray out loud to Him, so I always knew there was someone who loved us close by. I still know that! But life isn't simple, life is full and busy and good. But sometimes not too. We all do! We all have wounds, we all have hurts . Or empty spots that haven't healed yet. To me the only thing that I struggle with is the feeling of rejection or being misunderstood. But the reality I can do nothing about it! So I go on looking at the sunshine and try to fill those empty spots with the balm that is promised us. I just glad I'm here, glad I'm on the journey, good and not so good. It is a roller coaster ride!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So sunshine come on right back, I need you!!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Here is food for thought! Are we the type of person who says things out of love or vindictiveness? Helps others or hinders them? Forgives them or holds grudges? Envys or rejoices? Withholds love or freely gives it? Is stingy or generous? Gives the benefit of the doubt to others or makes assumptions? And many more behaviors.......

Easter is one of those times that causes a lot of reflection. Yes? Grateful for the atonement, it is a miracle!

You are my Favorite Grand..............#.......

This afternoon I received a webcam call on the computer from a very special young lady named Chloe Diane Laakea Neves requesting my presence to her house right NOW!! She giggled and proclaimed she wanted me to come to her house at least 5 times in her cuteness and darlingness! I just didn't want to say I couldn't come so instead as Mamah's say " I really want to come to your house right now Chloe, really really bad, but Mamah lives so far away!! But I will come soon! " She told me all about school today and she taught me about the letter M and how many M's are in Mamah's name and how many are not in her name!

You know I was raised that it is best for your children to invite you to their home and you don't barge in on them, that they very much need their space. Actually that is still advised even today by Dr. Phil, Dr Laura and many others. I am so glad that they will invite me there. It makes a Mamah so very happy and frankly there is no such love as a Mamah's love. It is critical to the grandchildren's well-being to have all the love they can get from those around them. I just plain LOVE ALL my grandchildren!! They are all my favorites, and they will tell you, they are favorite granddaughter #1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or favorite grandson #1, or 2 or 3!! I am so blessed and I hope they will always want me to come visit!

Whate'er thou art, act well thy part.

Thoughts for today from my personal study:

Often we practice things so we have know them "by heart". What that means is when you know something by heart, you are comfortable with it that no matter what the pressure of performance is, you will do what you have prepared to do perfectly. If you get lost or distracted then you can pick right up and do what comes next. You also don't have to constantly watch what your doing nor worry about what is coming next. When you know something by heart, you have no need to be afraid. Does this sound familiar, when ye are prepared, ye shall not fear?

God's plan is that we come to know Him by heart. When I know what to do, how to be, how to act and then do it that my actions will be positive. That they will be what He would do if in my shoes.
When I know Him by heart I am not compelled or coerced it is a sweet feeling from being prepared. I love that.

If we know by heart what he expects of us, when we are called to do our part, we will contribute and feel good about it. It doesn't matter who you are, but how you are. Everyone has a different part, a different piece to play that Father would have us do and only we can do.

President David O McKay said " Whate'er thou art, act well they part." When we do our part by heart we will be at peace and feel very prepared. Doing what we know is the right thing will build confidence. Let confidence wax strong! The important thing is if we are comfortable with who we are even a the storms swirl around us we will not question what the right thing to do is or be.

"Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm". (Robert Louis Stevenson).

When we come to know the Savior by heart, we not only come to understand what he would do but why he would do it. His motivation is always love. Then we can make the music he intended for us to make without having to watch ourselves and worry constantly about what is going to happen next.

Excellent advice, I think I will go and ponder this more!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did I say yes to agency?

Okay so I always two to three books going at a time, as of right now, it is the Book of Mormon with Bro. Ridges, Why do my prayers seem unanswered, 40 Days to Transformation and If God Loves Me, Why This?. I am Highly recommending the book 'If God Loves Me, Why This?"to read for right now to those of us who said YES to agency and truly get confused by it!!! There are four truths that the author Kim Nelson brings out to shed light that will help us find happiness in God's plan for us and comfort when we ask things like,"If God Loves me, why this?" Have you ever thought this questions or pondered why bad things DO happen to good people? I have never questioned that bad things are going to happen to us, because it rains on the just a well as the unjust. I can see clearly the growth we experience when we go through hard things. How much more hardy we become when going through hardships. So that kind of question hasn't been a problem for me.

But the four truths he brings out are these.
1) Understanding our role in the plan of salvation is the first step to understanding our inherent value.
2) God is our Father, And as our Father, the depth of his parental love for us is boundless.
3) Satan is working to prevent us from feeling God's love. We must recognize the level of the adversary's commitment to blind us from the truth about God and ourselves.
4) We are here to learn to be like our Father. We have an unique, personal mission to perform during our earthly test.

Where I get confused so often, and it most likely because of the world's way or the opinion of others is where if we are working at trying to become like our Father, then we never stop parenting. So where is the line? I know once a parent always a parent, I am a mother for eternity. My children, will never be able to get rid of me, hahaha. So what I do come to concerning this is, that since Father knows what is best for us and he is perfect, he will know perfectly, there will be times that we as parents will know what we should or should not do for our children as they grow and progress. Since we are not perfect, it plain isn't easy to figure it out always. So I'm grateful for the Spirit of the Lord, or the scriptures, or inspired leaders to help and assist me in this all-encompassing role.

There are two models of love, and one is God's and one is the adversary's. God loves us, He is all about us, where the adversary is all about himself. BUT, here is one more aspect, and that is we can easily Love our children straight to hell. We must constantly be using agency, which by the way, is rules, consequences and rewards model. With lots of love. If we do rules without the consequences or rewards, we are not using agency. If we use just consequences, we are not using agency and so forth. So loving kids to hell means we let them do whatever they want under the guise of agency without any wisdom, without capability to make those choices at that time in their lives. So guess what, it's very tricky. Anyhow enough babbling. Get the book and enjoy his insights into agency and just what foder we are to Satan. We don't mean much to him, he is just trying to prove Heavenly Father wrong and himself right. That makes me want to fight harder and do the right thing. I hope all of this makes sense to you!!

So agency, well it's still difficult to get all of the way!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thy confidence shall wax strong!

Sometimes I have feelings of great confidence of what I did as a mother. I gave my heart and soul to the divine role given to me by my Father in Heaven. I truly sacrificed in my own way and used my best capabilities and tried diligently to be led by my Father in Heaven and also use the atonement for my many mistakes. I loved, I cared, and gave my all, all that I had.
I always wanted to be a mother, from the time I was very small. I actually became one in a sense at a young age when my parents divorced, my mother had to go to work fulltime and I was the eldest at home with 3 younger brothers. They became my charge at the age of 14/15 and because I was named caretaker I gave up my teenage years to help my mother. At the same time my sister had 3 daughters and needed a sitter for them often and I became their nanny aunt on weekends or whenever her husband was gone, which was alot, I was so close to them, how I loved them, still do!! Those years were filled with challenges, physical and emotional exhaustion with school, work and the kids that I helped to take care of even before I was a real mother myself. But I knew that that was what I wanted to be.
When I actually became a mother myself, that is where the real challenges were!!!!
I worked hard at nurturing my little crew, teaching them and loving my children. I tried to learn better ways in teaching them, I was hungering and thirsting to find the best way to raise them and do right by them. I have found that the word "motherhood" means the principal business of one's life by loving, nurturing her children. That God's definition of Motherhood is near to divinity, nurturers, sacrificing her own comforts for those of her children and loving them with fierceness and loyalty that is uncomparable. Despite my mistakes I can say I work so hard to raise them right.

In contrast, there are many times, I have lost confidence in myself as a mother, and have doubted myself, I think more in the last several years than ever before! From other's opinions, from assumptions or other sources that take on the world's definition. Often there is a lack of affirmation from the world's view on being a mother! But I just kept trying to do my best and I still keep trying to do my best even with adults for children!
My Visiting Teachers were here today and we were talking of motherhood and one of them said a man in Toronto, Canada, where they were living at the time was watching her and her 7 children and came up to her and said, you are LDS aren't you!!! And of course she answered yes! He said the women of your church are so good! They are staying true to what a good woman does, family, heart of the home, raising kids with values!! She felt that was a great compliment to the women of the church. Some do notice, Mothers do matter!!!
I so appreciated hearing that, it lifted me and reminded me that all that I have done has not and will not go unnoticed by my Father in Heaven. That the choices I made as a mother in their growing up years was the best decision at the time and the circumstance. And still is!! I try not to lean on my own understanding, but listen to what is impressed upon my mind and my heart concerning my family! No one can take that away and as I live with daily doing my best, I will have no regrets, even when the adversary comes in through other people from time to time who's opinions have caused me to doubt myself, that I did make a difference with my children being their mother and they are good people with good hearts trying to make it themselves. So what I've learned is I'm in the process of purifying not perfection! As hard as it is, I'm so happy I'm a mother, it's all I wanted to be!!!

This was definitely a babbling blog! Hope you understand!

Far away, but still close!

When our children live far from us, it is much harder to stay close, even though their life and their experiences are such growing ones. So often I will send cards and packages to the kids to let them know we love them! So this month was Tychon's birthday, he turned 4 years old!!! It happened to fall on a Sunday and of course Sunday's around here are super busy, so we had to wait until the early evening to call him. When we called,Sundy said Tychon was in bed but she would get him, Grampa had his bluetooth on so I put my ear next to it so we could both hear. He was so sleepy but adorable as usual!! But it was the next day he had received his birthday package from us and he called to say thank you!!! Whenever he calls he is so cute and so grown up! He said, "Gramma Deni, thank you for the present, it was so nice! I'm not going to play with it right now, I'm going to play with my friend!" A man with his own mind of what he is going to do! Most of the time I can't understand every thing on the cell phone, it's gets really fuzzy, but we still have delightful conversations! Tychon is a very imaginative, active,happy boy! Going there at Christmas was so much fun, he wanted me to sleep with him,I felt very special to him even though we are so far away, so that was my bed, that's for sure!!! It was halarious to watch the cousins interact and enjoy each other. But the most important thing was being together! Needless to say Seattle is a beautiful place to visit and Dave and Sundy live in a Sundance environment. They were great hosts!
Now Estee the little darlin' is so independent, she loves to putter around the floor with a curiosity of everything around her, it takes about 3 days of playing around me and everyone else that she gets comfortable with us! She adores her mother!! But when she does, she lets me bathe her or play toys with her on the floor or lets me pick her up! She is such a beauty and has the cutest little pear shaped figure!! Look out for the boys Estee!! I love my grandchildren, that's for sure!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Buckets of laughter!

Well, the two giggly-buckets came over today and boy was I glad to see them!!! They are a hoot and a half. We took pictures of Brayden and Daxton with Jon, or Nate, or Grampa and Daxton couldn't stop giggling. He would try to get a serious face when I asked them to do different faces, like give me a surprise look, or give me a frightened look, or whatever buttt He kept laughing so hard he got the hiccups!!! Brayden couldn't let a picture go by where his tongue was not sticking out on every one. He would tease me when I would begin to take the pic and lo and behold there was his tongue, AGAIN!! What a nut!! What a joy they are! Looks like Brayden is now is the salesman business selling cookie dough in buckets, which of course, We bought two!! I so remember the days of the kids selling something every other week to the neighbors!! And vice versa! We just did that for each other in the neighborhood. It was a great way to support the kids in their endeavors and in their school activities.
Needless to say, this Gramma Deni adores Brayden and Daxton!! Forever and a day too!! I love these boys they make life so special!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


My name Mamah was given me by my first grandchild and her name is Bria Denise Pukalani Neves! One day she was saying mama and I kept telling Lara, "Lara, she is calling you mama!" We both really thought that at the time, never would I have guessed otherwise. Then, Lara, being her mother who knows what she is saying and thinking and everything else, said "Mom, she's not saying mama, she is trying to say gramma and it's coming out mamah!!!" I told her I absolutely love that! So hence Mamah was born. It mean't alot to me that this child was trying to say my name! Now all three girls are using it! I hear mamah, mamah, mamah mamah all of the time, or I want to sit next to mamah, or Mamah will you do this for me? or Mamah, you are my bestest mamah!! We are truly connected. I know Heavenly Father blessed me with those girls to bring me joy forever in many ways and one was they named me! So when someone is calling out "Mamah" you know who it will be---Bria, Chloe and Sophia!! I love you girls!!
(My other grandchildren are just as special to me and they will be spotlighted on another blog because I love them just like these girls!!!)
My dd, 3 darling granddaughters and I just got back from an overnight trip to St George for a girls trip that was badly needed by all of us! We shopped till we dropped, the girls went swimming while I watched Sophie, we went to Tuachan and looked at the beauty there, (the desert and red rocks has it's own kind of beauty that is to be appreciated) and we enjoyed laughing and meals together! First, are there any clothes that fit a pear shaped figure?????? It was very discouraging to hunt and hunt and not find a whole lot that looked decent on both of us. SO I thought the only way to be successful is this area is to lose weight!!!! BUT......................that's another blog! The clothes are either too tight, too short, too big in spots and too small in others spots and it became a sight to behold in the dressing room. Piles of clothes everywhere from all departments, from expensive to not so expensive. The sales women were always surprised we surfaced with very little. But I can say we bought shoes!!! At least they stay the same as far as you can find some you like and they FIT! So hence we came away with some pretty cute shoes, dressy patent leathers and funky casual shoes for summer. What a deal is all I can say! Does anyone else have this problem? Hope someday we can go in and find alot so we have to choose the bsst one, not what is the only thing that works! BUt the best part was being together!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

7 Days of Inspiration

Take one a day ..... and feel great!!!
1. Let someone into your heart. There's room.
2. Storms always pass.
3. You have what it takes to succeed.
4. Angels come in all shapes and sizes!
5. There is something to love about each new day.
6. Choose the very best life for yorself. You're worth it!
7. Your love has changed lives.

I would also like to express as frustrating as it can sometimes be, I am so grateful that I ddn't miss out on a single moment of motherhood. My life has truly been special. From reading countless stories to my children and kissing them goodnight millions of times. To running them to all their many lessons to running their 5 newspaper routes with them. From crying and being frightened at night to getting sttiches over and over again at the E.R. From long late night talks to early morning "Black Friday attendances". To supporting them on their missions to their beautiful weddings! The list could go on and on! I wouldn't ever trade it for the world.
I do miss the piano constantly playing and singing along with it and the discussions of opinions that kept things lively and interesting here. But now on to the next stage of life, the empty nest, one of great interest. I am truly excited now for this time of life!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Have you ever noticed that people see what they want to see? No matter what the situation or the circumstance everyone sees things so differently from each other? And when they are stuck in a pattern it still is the same perception? You can explain, convince or not explain and convince and it gets the same results?

So hence the 2nd and 3rd agreement from the "Four Agreements" by Miguel Ruiz.
Never take anything personally and Don't assume anything.

I believe we all human beings do this very thing. And when we allow ourselves to do this we then have conflict or we are drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die! Have you heard of that quote?

Anyhow, Miguel believes that is why we do have war is because of those very things. Plus, he encourages us to practice them "always do you best" so that those will become minimal. Thus we have personal freedom. I, myself, have to remind myself of these things daily. It is always part of my personal study. Along with my scriptures you will find the Ensign, New Era and The FOur Agreements. It is quite funny to see that combination.

Thanks to all my friends and family who are so patient with me as I work on this. It really helps as I improve for them to understand me better. Always be impeccable with your word!!

Even the dog.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Me??? Speak???

Oh no!!! I have to speak in Sacrament meeting on Easter!!!! Anybody have some great resources that have particularly touched you on the Resurrection and the Atonement?


Things are great , but ...

Today, the sun is shining and the birds are singing and I have so much to be grateful for! I really do have a good life. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, I have a testimony of my Savior and the atonement, I have a good husband, good kids, wonderful grandchildren, fantastic friends who lift and edify. I have many students who enrich my experience along the way. And many opportunities that have come to me along the way that have shown just how much Father is aware of us. For some reason there comes more refining processes though. What reason I have no idea, it challenges me and causes me to weep.

It will get better.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Oh no, the Easter Eggs are here!

I think we all can relate to this blog! Isn't it just ridiculous that we work very hard to lose the added weight we have, and I don't care if it's 5,10 or 20 pounds. It's just plain hard. I know my problem isn't enough workout, but food choices. I know food brings me a lot of comfort, especially when I work out so much, (teaching 14 classes per week). So in the back of my mind I think I workout 3 times a day, pilates, powertone, power yoga and cardio interpersed throughout those 14 classes, plus I love to walk 3 miles and talk with Gerri, my friend 3 times a week So I can eat what I want. I must have a very odd relationship with food.
In fact, I probably view food as a "whew, I deserve this, I have worked very hard today!" reward! Now, guys, I don't eat huge amounts and I eat a very balanced diet. I work at getting 2 1/2 proteins, 3 fruits, 4 vegetables, 3 starches, 1 dairy, 1 fat, 8 glasses of water daily. I journal it and everything, BUT I gained a pound today! Hello!!!! So I can go between getting discouraged and eat a cookie or I can just say, okay you'll do better next week, Keep trying!!!

Well, today I feel like eating a cookie! Glad I have a LAWL cookie, so I'm enjoying that right now as I type! AND then I'll go back to working on it and keep those 5 pounds from getting to 10. It's just plain hard period the end. It just doesn't matter how much you have to lose, it's our mindset and our determination. Soooooo dig deep, deni!!! The Easter Eggs are here Yicks!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

What is the meaning of all things?

I can't get this out of my head, so maybe I'm supposed to share this! "I know that he loveth his children, nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." I've contemplated this verse for quite some time, along with my patriarchal blessing and feel very clearly that that is the answer for me at this time and to all of you my family and friends who are suffering in some way. Along with these two very important texts for me comes the book "The Four Agreements". You might think oh brother, Deni whatever, but the reality of the world I'm living in, this book also has helped me to see things in a much clearer way. To understand, to reach out, to let go, and to grasp the truth in it's real context, not a made up one. Hope I'm clear as a bell! Or mud?

Anyhow, I was reading this excerpt to my class today in hopes of uplifting all of them, it is as follows: It is from the 4th agreement.
" When Doing your best, you are going to live your life intensely. You are going to be productive, you are going to be good to yourself, because you will be giving yourself to your family, your community and to everything. But it is the ACTION that will make you feel intensely happy. When you always do your best, you take action because you LOVE it, not because you are expecting a reward. .... You will find that you enjoy every action that you do. Rewards will come but you will not be attached to the reward. If we like what we do, if we always do our best, then we are really enjoying life......when you do your best, you don't give the Judge the opportunity to find you guilty or to blame you. If you've done your best and the Judge tries to judge you according to YOUR book of laws, you've got the answer, "I did my best!" There are no regrets. That is why we always do our best. It is not an easy agreement to keep, but this agreement will set you free.
When you do your best you learn to accept yourself.
Keep in mind that doing your best is never going to be the same from one moment to the next moment. Everything is alive and changing all of the time, so your best is sometimes high quality, and other times it will not be as good. Your best will depend on whether you are feeling wonderful and happy, or jealous, envious, upset or angry.
When we practice this we will get better at our best.

Anyhow, by doing your best, the habits of misusing your word, taking things personally, and making assumptions will become weaker and less frequent with time."

It's all a matter of practice. So don't get down on yourself or others for that matter. Because really We know He loves us, but we don't know the MEANING of all things. But we CAN do our best! No one knows what that is but you!

Many Many Blessings

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Do I need more stability?

Wow, that's all I can say about my experience today! This morning I was asked to go and teach 35 Physical Education teachers and coaches how to use the stability ball and the exertube. These are wonderful men and women who love to be active and teach sports and other skills to students who are on a secondary level, Jr and Sr High School. They were very enjoyable and had a great time on the balls actually. Who wouldn't, as soon as you get on them, you immediately begin to laugh! That's me, I laugh. I love to laugh. Sometimes I think I laugh when I shouldn't, ask my kids. ask their spouses maybe too. However, somethings just don't bother me as they do others when it comes to seeing something as funny. But getting back to my original thoughts as to why I'm even on here to write. These teachers had never used a ball or exertube in their lives. That blew me away, of course I didn't let them know that, because they are professionals and probably don't even have the funds and their hands have been tied. So this was exciting for me to get them excited about something that is back to functional fitness! Worry about being functional everyone and not about fashionable.
One gal, said she came in with a back ache and when she left she felt relief! She was going to buy one of those for herself! So if I made a difference today, it was for her. These are the experiences I have that make me feel it is all worth it. That I can touch one life for good, even if in the fitness field. I think that is why we are here on earth as well, to lift and strengthen and uplift each other. So I'm giving credit to my Father in Heaven for giving me this talent, this life and this job! It is because of Him I have my intellect (as if I'm brilliant!) but I know He is the one who did this for me. Okay now back to laughing!

Monday, March 5, 2007

How to do that?

Hmmmm. (pondering) Boyd K Packer gives counsel to "put difficult questions in the back of your mind and go about your lives. Ponder and pray quietly and persistently about them. The answer may not come as a lightening bolt. It may come as a little inspiration here and a little there., "line upon line, precept upon precept". Some answers will come from reading the scriptures, some from hearing speakers. And, occasionally, when it is important, some will come by very direct and powerful inspiration." I can truly say I need this Church, for when I'm discouraged and I get back to studying as I should I am always, uplifted and strengthened.

I can say I have had inspiration come to me in all three of those mentioned above in very mysteriously ways and times. I know Heavenly Father is very aware of me and my family. I also know He has a time frame of what is best because he knows me perfectly! Buuuuuttttttttttt, that doesn't make anything easy or the development of myself easy. And the line upon line and precept upon precept concept, all in good time. All in good time! Wow, it is very difficult to be patient. So guess that is what I'm supposed to develop further right now. But we are promised the "sweet moments" will come and that we are to treasure them.

Still HARD to put the difficult questions in the back of my mind though.
I'm sure Heavenly Father finds us quite humorous as he sees the eternal perspective and I am so shortsighted. Oh well, try try again. See I am out to lunch, babbling on and on. Hope you get something out of this one!

Monkey do!

So my ds (darling son?) came over right after his return from a long overseas trip to Malaysia yesterday. I was extremely happy to see him. He is really seeing a lot of the world through his job and seeing the differences in culture, food, and personality. I myself, would be like him in that I would get very tired of the travel and being away, but love to see others parts of this planet. I have been to England, to Romania, to Mexico (Tiajuana), to Hawaii and all over this country. I really love to see what is out there. I know my sister and I are planning something to Scotland for next year and dd and I want to trip to New York, and dh and I want to go on a Church History trip this summer. So the planning begins. But getting back to my ds, he brought me a special gift from Malaysia that was very sweet, 3 monkey's that are really indicative of the country. I loved it and I love how he was thinking of both of us!
But what I'm really getting too is how fun it is to watch my two sons that were here interact with each other. They were playing this guitar hero????? And they both looked like rock stars and were bee boppin' to it. It was so fun or should I say funny to watch!! Everyone needs time to unwind whether it be in a movie, at the temple, with friends, curled up with a book or scrapbooking, so I say go for it!! I am very blessed to have these two I mean three good, strong sons who are very independent and also a very wonderful daughter who is strong and independent herself. These children have greatness and I can see it! I think it was said by Nelson Mandela that it really is frightening to know who we REALLY are! One day we will all understand! I really don't think we do at this point.
Now, please don't misunderstand, no one is perfect (finished or complete) yet, we are all working on being better people but it brings me great joy when they are laughing and enjoying each other as they did as children. My children are a blessing to me.
BTW, those monkey's were, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!! Isn't that the best?

Friday, March 2, 2007

To link or not to link!

Okay, learning a new technique from my really savvy dd. Here it goes, go check my website

Today some time there will be a halarious story of an older lady and her experience with beginning a workout program. It's a kick!!!! Totally one we all relate to at some time in our life!

Balanced Life?

So last night in class I read this great line to cause of pause for thinking and it states:
"A balanced life is a life unbalanced, rebalanced!"

I so have been reflecting on this for some time as I feel many times like a old tire that has to be rebalanced regularly. I truly am grateful for my life and the many many wonderful people in it that enrich and bless me so abundantly. I'm even very grateful for the difficult situations that have come my way too. It has so helped me to reevaluate what is important. I really do work hard at trying to stay balanced, but so many unexpected things come that take my attention. So sometimes I don't get out of my pj's, sometimes I don't get my hair combed or whatever. But it's not because I don't want to, life is just full! I thought my life was really busy when we were raising our 4 children, but at this point I am totally amazed at the things and demands on our time that comes in this time of life. So I'm constantly re-balancing. The things that really bring me down to earth or from out to lunch is my 7 grandchildren. I love to just sit and play with them or talk to them, they have a tremendous balancing force in my life. I am so grateful when they come over or we get to spend some time with them. So grateful to their parents for their generosity. Another is visits to the ward members (which we do a lot of now a days), or visits with my students that are needing assistance in some way. And of course my own children, watching them all live their lives!
At the end of the day, though, Mike and I come home from very physical jobs just worn out, maybe a few blowouts in that ole' tire so we wobble more, so we need down time. But grateful for the associations, for the hard work and for the chance to share what happened through out the day that filled our tires up!
Well guys, I'm afraid I need to go and rebalance my life again. So I'll blog when I get another chance next week or whatever. Away I go with a wobble again!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The smeller is the feller!

One of my students said something to me the other day that took me by surprise that they would even say it. I was making a comment that was stating an opinion on something (which is neither here nor there to you all) and immediately they said to me "Liar!" I could not believe my ears, that it flowed so quickly and freely from this students mouth and with a smile!! Which in my opinion is far worse!!! Then they add a little just kidding to it! I witness this quite often with the generation of 18-26 year olds. ( sorry if I offend any of you who are in that age group,) So it is not something new. I did not respond other than I turned around and faced this student and said pointed my finger and looked them in the eye with a twinkle in mine and with a gentle and sure voice: "The smeller is the feller!!" That response from me got no reaction back and hopefully caused them some reflection. Because the truth of the matter, anyone who has an accusatory personality, such as "you are controlling, you are a liar, or you are this or that" even in jest is that very way themselves. They are the ones with that problem.

Personally, I feel that today's young adults find it very easy to speak very disrespectfully to us as parents, as professors, as older folks. I was taught very clearly and boldly "You don't ever speak to your elders that way!" As for my own child rearing I know my children spent alot of time in time out for it. So here is an article to back up the comment in the last blog that this generation of college students are more narcissistic today then before. It is very interesting. However, I would not put it just on college students, but particularly that age group, ones in school or out. It is a general statement, but it is more often true than not. I have to agree with a lot of what is written in that article.

So every time someone calls me a name or accuses me of something in that fashion..........
well, my response will be........the smeller is the feller!