Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snowing again?????

Wow it's snowing again!!! I know we need the moisture, we are in fact in dire need! But, I think at this point of the year I am needing sunshine like never before. I have been analyzing things lately and notice that when we come out of the deep freeze and the sun shines, I really get happy! I hear the birds singing and I jump for joy! I get out there and start walking the roads again. I love being out of doors. As a little girl I would always run around outside with my collie, having a wonderful time, or go swimming in our built in pool with all of my siblings. It was such a simple life!! I would lay in the grass and look up at the sky, the blue blue sky and talk to God. I knew he was there, I knew someone was there, even as a little child before being introduced to the gospel. I would sit in the rain under the cabana and talk to God with my mother, she would pray out loud to Him, so I always knew there was someone who loved us close by. I still know that! But life isn't simple, life is full and busy and good. But sometimes not too. We all do! We all have wounds, we all have hurts . Or empty spots that haven't healed yet. To me the only thing that I struggle with is the feeling of rejection or being misunderstood. But the reality I can do nothing about it! So I go on looking at the sunshine and try to fill those empty spots with the balm that is promised us. I just glad I'm here, glad I'm on the journey, good and not so good. It is a roller coaster ride!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So sunshine come on right back, I need you!!

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Lara said...

I was rather upset about the snow today, too. And it's still going.

Dear weatherman: Spring officially started last week...why can't the weather cooperate?