Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Far away, but still close!

When our children live far from us, it is much harder to stay close, even though their life and their experiences are such growing ones. So often I will send cards and packages to the kids to let them know we love them! So this month was Tychon's birthday, he turned 4 years old!!! It happened to fall on a Sunday and of course Sunday's around here are super busy, so we had to wait until the early evening to call him. When we called,Sundy said Tychon was in bed but she would get him, Grampa had his bluetooth on so I put my ear next to it so we could both hear. He was so sleepy but adorable as usual!! But it was the next day he had received his birthday package from us and he called to say thank you!!! Whenever he calls he is so cute and so grown up! He said, "Gramma Deni, thank you for the present, it was so nice! I'm not going to play with it right now, I'm going to play with my friend!" A man with his own mind of what he is going to do! Most of the time I can't understand every thing on the cell phone, it's gets really fuzzy, but we still have delightful conversations! Tychon is a very imaginative, active,happy boy! Going there at Christmas was so much fun, he wanted me to sleep with him,I felt very special to him even though we are so far away, so that was my bed, that's for sure!!! It was halarious to watch the cousins interact and enjoy each other. But the most important thing was being together! Needless to say Seattle is a beautiful place to visit and Dave and Sundy live in a Sundance environment. They were great hosts!
Now Estee the little darlin' is so independent, she loves to putter around the floor with a curiosity of everything around her, it takes about 3 days of playing around me and everyone else that she gets comfortable with us! She adores her mother!! But when she does, she lets me bathe her or play toys with her on the floor or lets me pick her up! She is such a beauty and has the cutest little pear shaped figure!! Look out for the boys Estee!! I love my grandchildren, that's for sure!!

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