Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Do I need more stability?

Wow, that's all I can say about my experience today! This morning I was asked to go and teach 35 Physical Education teachers and coaches how to use the stability ball and the exertube. These are wonderful men and women who love to be active and teach sports and other skills to students who are on a secondary level, Jr and Sr High School. They were very enjoyable and had a great time on the balls actually. Who wouldn't, as soon as you get on them, you immediately begin to laugh! That's me, I laugh. I love to laugh. Sometimes I think I laugh when I shouldn't, ask my kids. ask their spouses maybe too. However, somethings just don't bother me as they do others when it comes to seeing something as funny. But getting back to my original thoughts as to why I'm even on here to write. These teachers had never used a ball or exertube in their lives. That blew me away, of course I didn't let them know that, because they are professionals and probably don't even have the funds and their hands have been tied. So this was exciting for me to get them excited about something that is back to functional fitness! Worry about being functional everyone and not about fashionable.
One gal, said she came in with a back ache and when she left she felt relief! She was going to buy one of those for herself! So if I made a difference today, it was for her. These are the experiences I have that make me feel it is all worth it. That I can touch one life for good, even if in the fitness field. I think that is why we are here on earth as well, to lift and strengthen and uplift each other. So I'm giving credit to my Father in Heaven for giving me this talent, this life and this job! It is because of Him I have my intellect (as if I'm brilliant!) but I know He is the one who did this for me. Okay now back to laughing!


Hilary said...

Umm.... is that the thing with handles -- the exertube?

Lara said...

I need to start actually using my stability ball instead of it being a toy for the kids. :)