Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ohhhhh, those Easter Eggs!

Okay so Easter eggs, meaning candy Easter Eggs are the bain of my existence! I have been soo sooooooo good not buying them, not eating them, passing them up at the store, and, to be honest, the store has enough Easter Candy to feed all Americans for 3 years without ever making more!! I am not kidding in the least! You know... the thing is, I don't have any problems with cake, ice cream, cookies, pastries, or any other sweet. I don't eat any of that stuff at all! But, my downfall comes from chocolate once in a while. I try not to eat it because it just makes me fat and I fight the pound or two all over again and I quite like how I feel without it. So I don't eat it. But yesterday I bought an egg for each of my beautiful grandchildren and guess what, I had one, then two and now I would like more, but I am NOT going to do that to myself. Then I have to workout a couple of hours aerobically to work it off. It is just ridiculous I do this to myself.
Well, I did it, so now I have to repent. (You know like lent. That was when I was Baptist, or Methodist, or going to Catholic Mass) Anyhow, isn't it just funny what we do to ourselves?
Enough babbling about Easter Eggs. Except for the huge awareness of just how much candy really is in the stores for Easter. No wonder we have diabetes and obesity at all time highs. I hope you aren't like me and have some self-control. However, don't be too proud if you don't eat sweets, because the reality is you probably have another area that is the bain of YOUR existence, just like I do in the candy area. If I have one I have to have ten, so it's better I don't have any. That's all, period the end!! Glad when Easter is over, that candy goes away for another year, thank goodness!!!

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Joel said...

I saw your favorite Hershey's Easter egg candies at the store and thought about you. I didn't buy them though!