Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Was this so hard????

Well everyone, this is midterm time, and I have a number of review sessions that are to help the students succeed at their test taking. It really enhances their fitness regime in understanding why they do things etc.etc. Yesterday I came in to the class room of about 50 students. They were sitting on the floor and around the walls. I usually specify where I need them to sit, which is in front of me in a semi circle sort of,so I can see them, answer their questions and have a productive review. We always have a great experience. But, goodness, at least 10 students sat behind me, after I asked them, oh at least 4 times to move forward. They plain would not move!!! I couldn't humor them forward, or ask them nicely to move forward, or anything!!! Interesting. So, I finally said to the class: "Okay, guys if you won't move forward, then I will simply not review the test" Your choice. ( I actually think they didn't take me seriously and it was a shock) It still took two times of reiterating this simple request for them to move. I was so puzzled at the lack of cooperation and I wondered, in awe, what those students would do if I asked them to do something hard???? Don't know.
Needless to say, we then had a delightful review, and hopefully they will get a good grade on their midterm.
Hence another day at school with the greatest generation! I learn so much each day. What to do and what not to do!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ahimsa, What is That????

I was teaching a yoga principle to my class the other night that I have been teaching for quite some time. It was one of the yamas, which consists of "your attitudes toward others outside of yourself or universal laws". The principle I taught within the yamas was call ahimsa, which means in sanskrit, non-harming, non-violent. Ahimsa includes living life peacefully without fear. It isn't just about your treatment of others, you would be practicing ahimsa when doing yoga postures in a way that did not cause injury or harm to yourself. Okay so there you have a little background. However, when teaching a yama I use an example they can relate to and tell you the truth, in terms I can relate to as well. You won't believe what came to my mind, a fear I have myself. So I used it. This is how it went:

"How many of you feel fear when driving with another at the wheel that you feel is unsafe?"
(there was a show of about 10 hands in a class of 60)
"How many of you feel that the driver gets very defensive with you when you express your fear to them?" (same)
"Wouldn't it be better if that driver would say "Oh, I apologize, I really want you to feel safe in my car, so would you like me to slow down?" instead of getting angry or defensive with you?
Because the reality, that fear is real to that person at the time, and by being more compassionate and understanding that passenger will settle down and feel cared for and will begin to trust again. You see it isn't about the driver (well, maybe sometimes it is their driving habits), but it's about that passenger's not feeling safe.

The class was quieter than I have heard it in a long time!!! I truly feel they were thinking about becoming more non-harming in small every day terms!!!!

So now, everyone, now that you know one of my fears, I'll expect you to be much more kind and understanding and compassionate, then I feel good driving with you!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Proclaiming the Proclamation

Okay, guys, our Bishop has given our entire ward the challenge to memorize the Family Proclamation! One sister even developed a beautiful book, complete with pictures to help us all memorize better. I even copied it for each of our children to have for their own purposes to teach their children. We have been promised that when difficult questions come that the Proclamation will keep us from being deceived or from getting confused!!!

But why is it I have such a hard time memorizing!!????? I still am at the third paragraph, still looking at the pictures to try to remember. Wow, and I still have, what, six more large paragraphs to go. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Proclamation. I remember when President Hinckley spoke in the General Relief Society Conference in 1995 and I was by myself sitting on my bed watching it, when he Proclaimed this document. I sat up so ready to hear what he was going to say. It took us all by surprise!! It was an incredible experience. I knew that it was inspired perfectly for us. So here it is 12 years later and look at what has happened to society. There is no question in my mind that it was given for a purpose.

I do love what Pres. Hinckley has to say, he has such a positive outlook, which I need, by the way, and one thing stuck out today in my personal study: "God did not place us on earth to fail. .... that your efforts as parents will not be counted as failure unless you give up".

So everyone, back to memorizing the Proclamation. At least I have the first 2 paragraphs down really good!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Proof in the Puddin'

Hello everyone! Well, I'm finally joining all of you bloggers and getting in on the action! I'm thinking this will really be good for me, since I'm mostly out to lunch on the latest and greatest crazes. But already I am smiling because I'm doing this. My dd, who is very creative and talented in a multitude of ways helped me thus far in creating this place of babbling and I think I'm really glad! Sooooo, in my babblings you WILL probably find proof in the puddin' that I'm truly out to lunch, but the nice thing is if you go to my website, you will find a more put together person lending a service to all of you who want to or are attempting to get in shape! See I told you, I'm a babbler (is that a word?). Don't worry next time I will give you good stuff. Thanks Lara for your expertise.