Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Was this so hard????

Well everyone, this is midterm time, and I have a number of review sessions that are to help the students succeed at their test taking. It really enhances their fitness regime in understanding why they do things etc.etc. Yesterday I came in to the class room of about 50 students. They were sitting on the floor and around the walls. I usually specify where I need them to sit, which is in front of me in a semi circle sort of,so I can see them, answer their questions and have a productive review. We always have a great experience. But, goodness, at least 10 students sat behind me, after I asked them, oh at least 4 times to move forward. They plain would not move!!! I couldn't humor them forward, or ask them nicely to move forward, or anything!!! Interesting. So, I finally said to the class: "Okay, guys if you won't move forward, then I will simply not review the test" Your choice. ( I actually think they didn't take me seriously and it was a shock) It still took two times of reiterating this simple request for them to move. I was so puzzled at the lack of cooperation and I wondered, in awe, what those students would do if I asked them to do something hard???? Don't know.
Needless to say, we then had a delightful review, and hopefully they will get a good grade on their midterm.
Hence another day at school with the greatest generation! I learn so much each day. What to do and what not to do!!!!


Lara said...

Don't know if you read the article in the news about how this generation of college students are the most narcissistic ever...don't respect authority, for one.

This post made me think of that.

Hilary said...

You should really teach in the college of nursing. People would be fighting for you attention, for the front row seat, gleaming faces staring at you blinking, waiting for each ounce of knowledge you would impart.
Those nursing students... they're weird.