Monday, March 31, 2008

Look at what is coming up!

Hi everyone!! Today we woke up to snow again, but the sky was blue and crisp! It was actually refreshing. This refreshment brings to mind how we can become new, washed clean! How beautiful the driven snow was with no footsteps in it. It reminded me of a Mormon ad, actually, that said our life ahead of us is pure driven snow and we can change ourselves, become more obedient, more humble, more willing to give of ourself to our Father in Heaven. I love that!! "Our will" given on our own to Him. I love the fact of letting go of our ego, pride everyone, and start listening. Just listen. Then we can become so moldable. Just like the clay in His hands. I think we so stop ourselves from reaching our potential. I know I have, and still do!
But the "good news" is it takes time, patience, and it is a process. Pressidnet Hinckley said, we should be grateful for the ride. Ha! Are we? Or are we caught up "in the ride" and not seeing what we need to see, in ourselves and in others and around us. So, hence, get ready for another wonderful General Conference. This conference will be the most important ever. Just like every other one. I can't think or say this enough, If we are doing something to take us away from our Savior it is not good, but if it takes us closer it is good.
So everyone, take heart!! Conference is here, and we will get just what we need, IF we will truly prepare for it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another one coming up!

Ohhhhhh!! I just mustn't forget to blog this!! I received a phone call from a darling little boy named Daxton. He sang to me "I Am A Child of God" in perfect tune and every word!! He never lost his pitch!!! I was just so proud! Boy Dax, were you born into the right family! A family of singers!! I love you!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful Day, this Easter Sunday is! Mike and I and Daisy went for a 3 mile walk, and noticed so many beautiful flowers popping up all over, and that the smells of the sky were so good. It felt good to be alive. Our life is good. Even amidst the hard and the ugly. I hope you all can see that in your life in spite of those tough times.

Life is Good!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brayden, my darling!

I have the most wonderful grandchildren any mamah/gramma could ask for. Some wonderful insights into my favorite grandson #1 Brayden Michael Preston! My sister phones and he picks up the phone and says hello. She says who is this? Brayden responds I am Gramma Deni's grandson!! It was the cutest thing and my sister just adored it!! Yep, he's mine I told her!!
Another very special comment that made my entire day, maybe my entire life was a lot like Bria's compassionate loving comments. Brayden asked me, Gramma, how old are you? I told him, fifty-five!! His eyes got really big and he said, what??? You look like you are twenty!! OOOHHHHH, Brayden you are so sweetttttttt, that was the nicest thing anyone can say to me!! We had a wonderful day just being together and trotting around, chattering and playing or whatever. He is a doll and I love him, I just can't live without my grandchildren!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A compassionate 7 year old

Here is a sweet post I have been meaning to write down, before I forget it because it is just plain unforgettable! It was Bria's turn to go with Mamah the last time I was down there for a date, so we decided going to St. George while Mommy taught lessons at Tuahcan would be great to have a morning of shopping and playing and eating. Bria and I had a ball. She is a clothes horse and loves to try on clothes and dance around in the mirror.

It is very easy to shop with her because she likes so many things, but more importantly if I say she can have only 3 things etc, she is so cooperative and grateful!

Well, it was my turn to try on some things, and guess what, they looked awful as usual and I said, "Oh my,look at how bad this looks etc!". I got a little discouraged and decided to stop and Bria, bless her heart, said, "But Mamah, you are so pretty, you take good care of yourself, you exercise, you are skinny!" On and on she went.

I told her, " Bria you are so kind and so sweet, thank you for saying that!"

I felt one so young, 7 years old, was so completely aware of those she loved and their feelings. She is truly gifted with the gift of compassion and empathy. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

I Love Her!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Mamah, dkdgheksl;kehtij!"

Today I was making my bed with one arm (because of my shoulder surgery) and a familiar phone ring came. I knew it was from Lara, but I never know if it is one of the girls or Lara herself. Well, it was my youngest grandchild Sophia, who is 19 months old and very spry and very smart. She heard me say hello, and started to giggle and then said, "Mamah, godiositngheisldkghjwowkejghsoekthsleioghsldkdhsoekghsoe!" I said really? Hi, Sophia!!! Where is mama? She said "idunnoknow". She said again, "sksjdhgieidhsldkghritsdhslekcxdhgoiewuehdlkslseighslekghe!" Exactly what she said before! Couldn't believe it! But somehow we were disconnected and two seconds later, there she was again calling me, and proceeded to talk to me and didn't skip a beat!

WOW, couldn't believe that one so young was so up to date in technology!! But the unbelievable thing was she knew exactly what she was saying! Plus, she believed she was speaking perfect English and that I should understand her every word!

I love her!