Saturday, March 8, 2008

A compassionate 7 year old

Here is a sweet post I have been meaning to write down, before I forget it because it is just plain unforgettable! It was Bria's turn to go with Mamah the last time I was down there for a date, so we decided going to St. George while Mommy taught lessons at Tuahcan would be great to have a morning of shopping and playing and eating. Bria and I had a ball. She is a clothes horse and loves to try on clothes and dance around in the mirror.

It is very easy to shop with her because she likes so many things, but more importantly if I say she can have only 3 things etc, she is so cooperative and grateful!

Well, it was my turn to try on some things, and guess what, they looked awful as usual and I said, "Oh my,look at how bad this looks etc!". I got a little discouraged and decided to stop and Bria, bless her heart, said, "But Mamah, you are so pretty, you take good care of yourself, you exercise, you are skinny!" On and on she went.

I told her, " Bria you are so kind and so sweet, thank you for saying that!"

I felt one so young, 7 years old, was so completely aware of those she loved and their feelings. She is truly gifted with the gift of compassion and empathy. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

I Love Her!

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