Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Mamah, dkdgheksl;kehtij!"

Today I was making my bed with one arm (because of my shoulder surgery) and a familiar phone ring came. I knew it was from Lara, but I never know if it is one of the girls or Lara herself. Well, it was my youngest grandchild Sophia, who is 19 months old and very spry and very smart. She heard me say hello, and started to giggle and then said, "Mamah, godiositngheisldkghjwowkejghsoekthsleioghsldkdhsoekghsoe!" I said really? Hi, Sophia!!! Where is mama? She said "idunnoknow". She said again, "sksjdhgieidhsldkghritsdhslekcxdhgoiewuehdlkslseighslekghe!" Exactly what she said before! Couldn't believe it! But somehow we were disconnected and two seconds later, there she was again calling me, and proceeded to talk to me and didn't skip a beat!

WOW, couldn't believe that one so young was so up to date in technology!! But the unbelievable thing was she knew exactly what she was saying! Plus, she believed she was speaking perfect English and that I should understand her every word!

I love her!

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Lara said...

So funny! And I totally had no idea that she was calling you. I found my phone in her room after I finished my last lesson and just saw that you had called.

She definitely knows what she's saying. I can't wait to find out what it is she wants to tell us all the time! :)