Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Heavenly Father.......

Saying prayers with the girls was absolutely delightful!! I didn't know what they would say in their childlike way. Most of the time I would secretly be giggling because it was so darling and, of course, so pure!! Most of the time Chloe would say, " Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, in the name............" and Bria's would be longer and much more elaborate. Sometimes Bria would say to Chloe, "You always say that, Chloe, say more!" But Chloe wouldn't. Then the second night, Chloe really said A LOT!! It was so surprising, but I was so happy to hear what she had to say. She would say, "bless that we will go to sleep, bless Bria's sunburn that it will be done, and bless mommy and daddy that they will be safe......." She went on and on and I LOVED it!!!

And when she was done she was very proud of herself that she had much more to pray for!!

From that time forward, Bria no longer would say, "Say more, Chloe!!" And we clapped and told her how wonderful she was, and how Heavenly Father loves hearing from her!

Out of the mouths of babes, my "grand" babes!

Monday, July 23, 2007

What a Gift!!

Wow, what a wonderful, exhausting, joyful week I've had. I can say that the little persons I was with this last week took my mind off myself, and my things so much that I was truly blessed with sweetness!! Those little persons are to be found in the form of 3 little girls and 2 little boys, my grandchildren!
Watching those children interact with one another was so fun, soooo funny!! Their conversations and their play was so fascinating in and of itself. We, me and the girls, especially loved being with Brayden, Daxton and their mommy in this wonderful pool on a hot summer day, romping, going down slides and doing many somersaults! Constantly asking me to "Watch, Mamah, watch, Gramma!!" They are so much fun to watch!! All I could do is smile, smile, smile and say "Good Job!!" I just love them so much!
What was especially fun for me was the cuddling and laying down with Sophia and chattering with her or talking to Bria or Chloe about so many things, especially at the end of the day in their bed after scriptures and prayers. Chloe's prayers got quite long, she had just as much to pray for as Bria.
Uncle Nate was able to come over one time for lunch and play with them, especially Chloe, who adores him, more than anyone I think! She gets quite giddy when he is around. They have a special connection. Bria is so loving and giving she easily goes over to him and wraps her arms around his big body and just hugs him and says "I love you, Uncle Nate!" Sophia looks at him very carefully and then decides he's okay and let's him hold her for a moment. I just love watching that too!
So today when they left with Lara and Joel, I cried. I felt just like Bria and Brayden when we leave them. I miss those little kids already. Being with them brought back many memories of all the structure we had, the fun times and of course the spiritual times we had together. Not to mention the hard work of raising children. However, there is no greater joy in this life than children.
There is so much to say here, but what I really have to say is thank you Lara and Joel for giving me this opportunity to be with them and to lift my soul. Thank you Shana for the sweet fun we had in the pool with the children, and thank you kids, for being my "Grand" children.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What More Could I Want???

I'm back!!!! This blog is an addition to my last one because as I laid in bed this morning I was in deep thought about yesterday's meeting and can't get it off my mind.

Since my husband has been called to the Bishopric, many times he comes home and shares wonderful, testimony strengthening things. I love it!!! Now mind you, nothing confidential, so don't be worrying about that. In fact, I don't know anything that is going on in the ward, other than my own information. But I hear and marvel over many things as they are taught in many, many leadership meetings that he can share that brings me such great joy!! The Lord is at the head of this church and as the church quietly goes about His business through his people, many miracles are happening. One such comment is that the Brethren are "quite aware of our ward, the leadership and the great missionary spirit this ward has, they know of and are watching and pulling many to serve!" I remember when Elder Oaks would come to our ward quite frequently, and this was the time when our children were serving their missions, and he would take our program which had the names of our missionaries and their addresses on the back and keep it with him to show what can be done to other wards and stakes he would visit. At the time we had 42 missionaries out and we had two out ourselves at the time. You just don't know what your potential can be, or you just don't know of the power of example until you hear something like that. And now, it's their parents who are going out and making a difference. At this point we have 10 couples out and more coming up!! I can not even explain the feeling I have for this spirit of service. We have been so blessed to be in this spot! To be born in a free land, to live in such a choice place, near the headquarters of the Church, and to be a member of the Church. All of those things are blessings and privileges that not many have, what did I do to deserve this?

To be quite honest I feel, that He is refining both of us, preparing us for great service that is to come, through many trials and experiences. However, that is if we do our part and prove ourselves worthy. In fact, I have watched terrific growth in my husband! It is quite noticeable and I am very proud of him and the beautiful ways he is allowing himself to be molded by our Father in Heaven.

Now look, how sidetracked I got. But getting back to yesterday's meeting. I was privileged along with Janet Hatch and Cheri Ringger to sing "Oh, That I Were An Angel" in the meeting. I felt like we were accompanied by many angels. I can testify, it was so. But this is not all!!! Elder Russ Osguthorpe, an Area Authority was there. Russ was our neighbor, two doors down for over 20 years, whose children were raised with our children!!! I LOVE Russ and Lolly!! And they were there for Gerri and Ralph. What wonderful friends we have in them. Anyhow, Russ spoke after Ralph and solidified the feelings of the meeting. He spoke of the missionary spirit and the experiences of our ward. He said that oftentimes when the children come home they sit and talk of many experiences that they had here and about many of us!! I know we are in there because we had many HILARIOUS experiences together for 20 years!! Lolly and I still laugh at some of the things that happened that we as mothers did not know happened!!! It was an incredible meeting and reunion with so many who have left the ward now! I just know that is what heaven will be like! Thank you, thank you, thank you for these experiences!!! Again, the Lord knows what he is doing to prepare us for more. I can see the wisdom in putting those who are seasoned into callings that lead His Church!

The most significant thing in my life is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The most significant people in my life are : My Savior, my family and my friends. What more could I want???? In Gerri's talk, she read what President Hinckley's wrote in the call, that more blessings were to come in their service, and as I look at the clock right now, Elder and Sister Larson are walking in the door right now to the MTC!!! What great things await them!!

What more could I want?????

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Deep Desire!

This is a short 5 minute blog, that I'm fitting in in exactly that as I have to go VTeaching. I just had to share a little about our Sacrament Meeting today with a couple missionary and a young Elder missionary going out and the great feelings of the Spirit that was felt there today, the holiness, the sacredness of talking about serving others and going and finding those elect that are being prepared. Gerri and Ralph have such depth and love, yes, I'm prejudice, she has been my walking partner for about 5 years and I know her very well and she me!! Her talk was funny, was uplifting and inspiring all at the same time. Her love of others will come through to those who come in contact with her in Finland.

Ralph said there was two places that he loved the most in his life to be and that was, Finland and in the hearts of those he loves. That truly touched me deeply. I can relate to that, I have always wanted to be in the hearts of those I love and I suppose the other place is in the Temple. It is absolutely wonderful how with age comes wisdom and comes only the things that really matter. You recognize it because those things have come and gone now and you long for those days again, but with more depth and caring as ever before.

If I could say one thing to all of you, is that my heart has always been soft, it has always been open, whether or not I have said things awkwardly or hurtfully, I can tell you with sincere honesty that I never ever wanted to hurt, to put down, or to intentionally make things harder for another. Everything, even some hard things have only been about doing it for a better or higher reason or out of a deep love.

What I desire is to be in the hearts of my friends and loved ones forever.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stay tuned for more results!!

It is amazing how time just flies by, here it is two weeks later from my last post, but, well, here I am. And I am lucky TO BE here!! I'm not complaining but rather bringing to light some things I've discovered in the last year to maybe help others out there. First of all, I am in the big M word which can stand for a lot of things, like monster, malady, mucho mugly, magnificient or whatever, but it really stands for Men-o-pause. What it really stands for is all Men, you are, well, paused for a while because I am someone I'm NOT!!!! I'm not mean, or cranky or impatient, BUT I am fatigued to the max all day long, I had trouble sleeping, hot flashes, a little weight gain, you know the usual. But here is the deal! I got with these great Dr's who are very knowledgeable and all they do is balance hormones, for men and women! They took a blood test or this Full Women's Panel. (One you ask your doctor to order so insurance will pay and then have these gals read it.) They are amazing. They can tell you how much of each hormone you are producing and how much you should be and I'll tell you right now, for me, it was zero, zilch, othing, nada!!! But, they had me taking some things that match for me and I immediately quit the hot flashes and I'm sleeping. Do you know what sleep is worth????? So those two things are going quite well. BUTTTTT, there are still some issues which are not easily corrected and it is making me crazy. However, when I come out of there after reading a 3rd blood test, I am NOT Crazy it is all the endocrine system. Sheesh!

My adrenals are shot, I have no ovaries and my thyroid is not working. So there is that triad of health and they are all equally important, and NONE of them are working! So no wonder I feel "sideways low"!!!!!! Like crap!! BUT, we are working to find the answers and to me that is worth a million bucks, because eventually we will find it. So now, I'm on a different thyroid, it is called Armour, I am taking bi-est twice a day instead of once and I'm taking an adrenal pak full of vitamins and minerals that I desperately need. Plus a drug called cortef. But I'm still debating that one. I am now insulin resistant and It is because of hormones out of wack, Got Gotta gotta figure this out NOW. But in the meantime, I am not crazy, and I will lay down in the afternoons as a necessity not a luxury!!! Do you hear that all you girls? Laying down is not a luxury it is a necessity!!
Anyhow, I'll be taking another blood test in 4 weeks to see if my body is assimilating anything and I'll let you know. But, for now......

Guess I'll go lay down now!! I'm exhausted from writing this! LOL, More later!