Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stay tuned for more results!!

It is amazing how time just flies by, here it is two weeks later from my last post, but, well, here I am. And I am lucky TO BE here!! I'm not complaining but rather bringing to light some things I've discovered in the last year to maybe help others out there. First of all, I am in the big M word which can stand for a lot of things, like monster, malady, mucho mugly, magnificient or whatever, but it really stands for Men-o-pause. What it really stands for is all Men, you are, well, paused for a while because I am someone I'm NOT!!!! I'm not mean, or cranky or impatient, BUT I am fatigued to the max all day long, I had trouble sleeping, hot flashes, a little weight gain, you know the usual. But here is the deal! I got with these great Dr's who are very knowledgeable and all they do is balance hormones, for men and women! They took a blood test or this Full Women's Panel. (One you ask your doctor to order so insurance will pay and then have these gals read it.) They are amazing. They can tell you how much of each hormone you are producing and how much you should be and I'll tell you right now, for me, it was zero, zilch, othing, nada!!! But, they had me taking some things that match for me and I immediately quit the hot flashes and I'm sleeping. Do you know what sleep is worth????? So those two things are going quite well. BUTTTTT, there are still some issues which are not easily corrected and it is making me crazy. However, when I come out of there after reading a 3rd blood test, I am NOT Crazy it is all the endocrine system. Sheesh!

My adrenals are shot, I have no ovaries and my thyroid is not working. So there is that triad of health and they are all equally important, and NONE of them are working! So no wonder I feel "sideways low"!!!!!! Like crap!! BUT, we are working to find the answers and to me that is worth a million bucks, because eventually we will find it. So now, I'm on a different thyroid, it is called Armour, I am taking bi-est twice a day instead of once and I'm taking an adrenal pak full of vitamins and minerals that I desperately need. Plus a drug called cortef. But I'm still debating that one. I am now insulin resistant and It is because of hormones out of wack, Got Gotta gotta figure this out NOW. But in the meantime, I am not crazy, and I will lay down in the afternoons as a necessity not a luxury!!! Do you hear that all you girls? Laying down is not a luxury it is a necessity!!
Anyhow, I'll be taking another blood test in 4 weeks to see if my body is assimilating anything and I'll let you know. But, for now......

Guess I'll go lay down now!! I'm exhausted from writing this! LOL, More later!


Shana said...

OH NO!! Sorry you are so outta whack!! I have been feeling icky lately too... I need more and more sleep. I just wanna sleep all day long! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

queendeni said...

Thanks Shana!!! Amazing what hormones do!!! Heehee