Monday, July 23, 2007

What a Gift!!

Wow, what a wonderful, exhausting, joyful week I've had. I can say that the little persons I was with this last week took my mind off myself, and my things so much that I was truly blessed with sweetness!! Those little persons are to be found in the form of 3 little girls and 2 little boys, my grandchildren!
Watching those children interact with one another was so fun, soooo funny!! Their conversations and their play was so fascinating in and of itself. We, me and the girls, especially loved being with Brayden, Daxton and their mommy in this wonderful pool on a hot summer day, romping, going down slides and doing many somersaults! Constantly asking me to "Watch, Mamah, watch, Gramma!!" They are so much fun to watch!! All I could do is smile, smile, smile and say "Good Job!!" I just love them so much!
What was especially fun for me was the cuddling and laying down with Sophia and chattering with her or talking to Bria or Chloe about so many things, especially at the end of the day in their bed after scriptures and prayers. Chloe's prayers got quite long, she had just as much to pray for as Bria.
Uncle Nate was able to come over one time for lunch and play with them, especially Chloe, who adores him, more than anyone I think! She gets quite giddy when he is around. They have a special connection. Bria is so loving and giving she easily goes over to him and wraps her arms around his big body and just hugs him and says "I love you, Uncle Nate!" Sophia looks at him very carefully and then decides he's okay and let's him hold her for a moment. I just love watching that too!
So today when they left with Lara and Joel, I cried. I felt just like Bria and Brayden when we leave them. I miss those little kids already. Being with them brought back many memories of all the structure we had, the fun times and of course the spiritual times we had together. Not to mention the hard work of raising children. However, there is no greater joy in this life than children.
There is so much to say here, but what I really have to say is thank you Lara and Joel for giving me this opportunity to be with them and to lift my soul. Thank you Shana for the sweet fun we had in the pool with the children, and thank you kids, for being my "Grand" children.


Shana said...

I am glad you had a good time with the girls, I bet they had a great time as well. :) And we are glad you were able to come out for a couple of hours and swim! Brayden always has such a hard time leaving the girls, I felt bad. I think he felt a bit left out because he wanted to spend time with them too. ;) What a jealous little boy! But he was just fine when we got home and played. He sure loves playing with Bria, that's for sure. Wish they lived closer... wish we lived closer!
Now it is time to prepare Brayden for starting school in a few weeks! wow.

Hilary said...

I would have cried from relief. :)
I will vouch for the fact that Lara and Joel REALLY appreciated the time away.
Nice job grandma. :)

Lara said...

You will never know how much we appreciate all you did for us this week. No way on earth could we have gotten away like that if we didn't have you guys. And the girls loved it so much!

Love you!