Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What are you going to be???

So Lara is bringing back a lot of memories for me this Halloween! Every Halloween I would sew up the kids costumes for them. We couldn't ever afford to buy them so I always made them. I made clowns, cowboys and cowgirls, Indians, capes galore, poodle skirts, dogs etc. etc. But now, it is much more like Iron man, Batman, Transformers etc. So the cowardly lion is really familiar to me as it always took quite a lot of sewing to make these costumes. I still have all of them to this day in a costume box, the grandkids can play in them now! I, however, was always the witch, wasn't that fitting being the mom, that is???

But, the importance of it all??? Is the memories that were created! Since we didn't have money, we always did things here. I guess the point is you don't have to have things to create memories, just yourself!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Smile, smile, laugh, laugh!

You know, there is one of my favorite things that brings smile to my face and that is Sunday Dinner at our house with Jon, Racheal, Nate and Brittany! I wish the other children were around, but we believe we take what we can get in family get togethers in the midst of very busy lives, and a very expensive economy. Anyhow, the one thing I so appreciate is the kids will stay for many hours, not having to rush off anywhere, where sometimes in the past there was this "gotta go" in a hour thing. We relax and enjoy one another, laughing, playing games, watching old films of the kids growing up and all kinds of conversations that make us laugh! ZJon's sense of humor is back and he keeps us all rolling! Nate, Brit, and Rachael are especially his audience!

Even though things aren't perfect, maybe according to the world you may live in, but to us things are so enjoyable. It's the interactions that are occurring between the kids and their special ones in the way of fun and laughter, of understanding and communication. It isssssss very comfortable. We see many joyful days ahead for our family. The holidays are next. Oh bytheway, the national average of weight gain during the holiday season from Oct. 31st to Jan 1st is still 10 pounds. BEWARE!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peaches, peaches, peaches!!

Wowwy, zowwy, can life get any busier???? it is amazing when the children are grown that you fill your days COMPLETELY full of things that you hav not been able to get to. Between shopping for more food storage, canning peaches, making pies, listening to the Relief Society conference (which was wonderful, especially Elder Uctdorf's message), teaching classes, picking the rest of the peaches off the tree, dropping off peaches to friends and neighbors, making lunch and dinner, and now catching up on emails and such, where does the time go???? No wonder my feet hurt, and my back gets sore!! AND this is with Mikes' help the entire time!!! What a guy, he is so helpful, but he also knows those peaches are for him, which is his favorite canned fruit, especially off that prolific tree outside!!

I'll post pic's shortly!! The peaches are beautiful, we have done 40 quarts thus far and more to come!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was this a week?

Last week and this week have been absolutely crazy, but I still get my reading in at night and my fitness blogs written and classes taught and my house straight at least a little. Now, the peaches are on and it is looking like a 11 bushel tree!! This year, I'll have to do some of it myself because of the lateness of it all, but oh well, Mike is still off and he can help, thank goodness. It has already been 2 1/2 months he has been off and his shoulder is healing very nicely, thank you very much!

Anyhow, I had to speak in Sacrament last Sunday on "Opening Your Heart" by Elder Lund! And that week was verrrrrry busy. But verrrrrry blessed. We went down to Cedar to hear Lara sing, which was incredible if I do say so myself, at the St. George Tabernacle with her friend Jackie! They sang like angels!! I loved it!! Then we went the next night to see Joel conduct the southern Utah Symphony! He is a total JOY to watch as well! Boy, when he gets in a University, they will be in hog heaven with him!! Anyhow, the girls were a ball and Lara, her dad and I gots lots done to help her put together her new computer hutch amoung other things!YAY!!

( But, we REALLY enjoy the drive, where we are alone and talking with no one around and no phones or Television or Internet!! It is lovely to just drive for long periods of time. )

Anyhow, getting back to speaking, I have to tell you this talk was memorable as we were at the actual conference center listening to Elder Lund that Saturday afternoon session! It was an incredible message and profound at that! But while I was preparing amidst the difficulties of the week, I found I became so keenly aware of my heart as it opened and closed quite a bit. With little joys and then incredible difficulties. Interesting feelings.

But after my message was delivered, I found myself contemplating the love a mother has for her children. You would think every mother would realize other mothers have that same profound love for their babies. But it is interesting the disconnect that so many have for other people. Currently, UFI is reporting the legalized polygamy and the legalized gay marriage and speaking in terms of children being adopted into any type of family, and I am not talking about the traditional marriage. So what about the children?????? When that happens their ability to choose will be nil and void. Isn't that the time the Lord does something???? As per the scriptures.

I wonder, do we really have any time to be off the straight and narrow?????
I somehow, don't think so.

Guess, this blog is truly an "out to lunch" one, ey???

P.S. BYU 44/0 another shut out, hmmmmmm BCS bowl anyone???

Two Front Teeth!

Have you ever seen such a cute face with all 4 of those teeth missing??? Ahhh, Brayden, a smile worth a million bucks, or should we say 8-9 dollars???
Love you kid!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Cougars, Yeah!!!

I just can't tell you just how excited and immensely thrilled we are BYU won, AGAIN!!! BYU dismantled UCLA, 59 to 0, zero, zippo!! Here we are number 15 in the nation and moving up! It is so thrilling to watch Bronco's defense/offense take flight and his philosophies taking hold. He is such a fine example of sportsmanship and of brilliance in football. I love the mix of it all!! He is such a class act.

What do you think, do we move up to 10th on Sunday??? Let's vote.
Love ya,
Go Cougars!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Number 11

Going for the Goal!!!! Daxton, an energertic, busy, little 4-year old, one our very special grandsons plays soccer. Here are few shots of just how great a player he is!

Decked out in his cool uniform and awesome smile, he says "We're the Green Dragons, grampa!" They certainly look ominous!! They were the coolest uniforms ever to be found in our opinion!

I wish I could have been there. But glad grampa could with no trouble. He was a proud grampa!

Daxton made a goal, and proudly smiled for all to see! Isn't he the cutest guy you've ever seen??? We believe so, along with Brayden and Tychon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Notes of Elder Hollands CES Fireside/09-7-08

First, I'll share a few notes from Elder Holland from Sunday nights CES fireside! It was so interesting and moving. Here it goes:

We all have a liberty jail experience in our lives. Hardships, persecutions etc. But those hardships and persecutions were necessary, they are school teachers. In fact, those of us who are being instructed right now, those lessons will be teaching all of our posterity for generations to come. Elder Holland gave us 3 lessons learned from a liberty jail experience or if you haven't had one yet, then the lessons learned by Joseph at liberty jail.
1) Everyone, including the righteous are called upon to face trying times, as individuals, families, communities and countries. The question is how long darkness and damage will remain? We must not succumb to the fear that He does not hear us. It is imperative to know He is right there with us. He is there, when we weep, He and the angels weep with us. We HAVE to endure, have to persist, keep pleading, know that God knows. He is our Father, we are his children. So when unkind, unmerited things are done to us in some cases by so-called friends, know that in that dismal dungeon, peace by unto thy soul--thy experience be but for a moment.

2) Just because difficult, seemingly unkind things happen to us, it does not mean we are unrighteous.
Falsely accused Joseph had to remember the Savior was too.
Each of us, at sometime in our lives, the pathway has to lead us through Gethsemane.
We cannot expect that we are not going to get some of that. Savior suffered entirely innocently, the Prophets also have. If you are having a bad day you have a lot of company. Don't go looking for trouble, trouble has a way of finding us.
The Savior has been where you have been sooooooo BE BELIEVING!

3) Wanting to return an eye for an eye, to be vengeful. Remember this:
The powers of heaven cannot be controlled or handled except upon righteousness. It must be done with persuasion, gentleness, with love unfeigned, without guile. Be calm, charitable, forgiving, disciplined and live the gospel at all times.
The real test is when things aren't going well-how we handle it.
It's a hard thing to do when we are offended. But this is where we practice Christian behavior.
The Spirit has a hard time getting through to a heart that is full of hate, revenge, vengeful and self-pity.
But the Spirit has instant access to a heart that is charitable, long-suffering and kind.
Cheerfully do all things,
Stand Still to see,
For His arm to be revealed.
Read Doctrine & Covenants 121-123. What a blessing it was to hear these words, but that was not all, Elder Holland pronounced an Apostolic Blessing to all of us within the sound of his voice and who attended:
God loves you, He does hear you.
Brethren: Worthy to live the Priesthood, think, talk and act like He does.
Sisters: We cherish you, God cherishes you, flag of faith has been carried by the sisters. Torch of faith, beautiful living, love you and honor you. May every righteous desire of your heart be answered upon your head.

God, heaven, brethren of the church loves you.
The future is in your hands.

Remember, He is closet when we are experiencing the most difficult times.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To be continued...

Oh my!!!! Can I just tell you this weekend has been an incredible weekend! The blessings of our memebership in this church!! We attended our Stake Conference last night and today,hearing from Elder Packer and Elder Uctdorf, plus we went to a CES fireside with Elder Holland. So we were abundantly fed this weekend. It really put all things into perpective again. I will share little by little my notes, if I can decipher them and tell you what touched me and made impressions on my soul!! Be back later, love you all!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Had a wonderful visit with my dear sister, my only sister, and we both are like little kids concerning the VP pick for McCain. (If any of you are liberal, sorry, but this is such a wonderful country that we all get to be free thinkers, don't you think?)
Anyhow, Sarah Palin is a wonderful example of standing up for what she believes. We like that. My sister, also, left me feeling wonderful, she lifted my spirits and that is what sisters are for! So, I thought I would just write a little note on my gratitude for a sister who is smart, generous and loving. Thank you, Teri for always making me laugh and for someone to talk politics with!! GO Sarah Palin!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Did you watch the RNC last night and listen to Gulianni's, Romneys, and Palin's speeches? Awesome, wouldn't you say? The reason being, the lefties, media lefties and Obamas camp had come on the attack, looking and digging for things to destroy the other party. But in actuality, they were panicked because they were scared of this ticket now!! The McCain camp now had been empowered by someone who did something and wasn't one of the good ole' boys! She gave quite a speech defending their camp with a smile. It really took out all of the hype in the Obama camp. Boy, it is exciting to watch! There is always going to be those who are on the attack, but will end up in the toilet. What's funny is, being on the side of right (ha ha) is always the better place to be. They stood up in a very strong, but classy way. There is always a time to stand up to attacks and hit the bullseye with just the right words! This is going to be a very interesting election, don't you think?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My girl!

I am just so proud of Lara, her talent, her sound judgement, her understanding of human kind, her clarity of view, her compassion. I can truly say, I know no one better as a woman in my world or in those I've come across. She is a wonderful woman of God, one who serves Him, through her mission, her ward, her family. I read her blog, mainly to laugh and to see pictures of our beautiful granddaughters. She is a talent at writing her thoughts and experience down. But one of the most wonderful virtues she has nurtured is her unselfishness.

When reading about the gadiations and the core vale of only taking from society and never giving, it awakens you to realize that all sin is based in selfishness and that is why God cannot allow the least degree of sin in heaven, because when there is selfishness things, societies, relationships collapse. I am truly grateful for Lara's efforts in balancing between giving and taking and realized she is nurturing that all important virtue, unselfishness. May we all be better at that. I love you Daughter!
P.S. Look at Sophies curls, seriously I was like that and so were your brothers. Sorry, you weren't Lara, you hair had to have perms!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in full force!

Classes are back in full session and now onward and upward! These students are high caliber and so wide-eyed to learn! Glad to be back!
This semester, I'll also be adding a couple of classes for myself.
1)Institute with Bro. Hunter --- The Infinite Atonement
2)Political Science--Current Events--BYU

This should be a wonderful semester! I'll keep you posted as to what I learn!

Monday, September 1, 2008

This too shall pass!

Yeah, I'm still learning alright! Isn't it amazing how you can feel so strong, intuitive, grounded and sound in all of your thinking and then one day comes along and it all goes out the window and you become weary? How you can be an angel to many for many days on end and then one day you need the angel? That is me today! But I have to say, the Lord provided me with many angels today to remind me to be gentle with myself and know I'm not perfect and not to expect that of myself.Also, that perspectives are so personal.
But yet I should allow this time to pass through me and be patient with myself. I know my Heavenly Father really does care about me and my family. He knows our hearts, my heart. That there will be the blessings He allows me to have in His time. That is my lesson for today. Be gentle with myself as I pass through this day and work at staying close to the Spirit. Tough, but true!