Monday, September 1, 2008

This too shall pass!

Yeah, I'm still learning alright! Isn't it amazing how you can feel so strong, intuitive, grounded and sound in all of your thinking and then one day comes along and it all goes out the window and you become weary? How you can be an angel to many for many days on end and then one day you need the angel? That is me today! But I have to say, the Lord provided me with many angels today to remind me to be gentle with myself and know I'm not perfect and not to expect that of myself.Also, that perspectives are so personal.
But yet I should allow this time to pass through me and be patient with myself. I know my Heavenly Father really does care about me and my family. He knows our hearts, my heart. That there will be the blessings He allows me to have in His time. That is my lesson for today. Be gentle with myself as I pass through this day and work at staying close to the Spirit. Tough, but true!

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