Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My girl!

I am just so proud of Lara, her talent, her sound judgement, her understanding of human kind, her clarity of view, her compassion. I can truly say, I know no one better as a woman in my world or in those I've come across. She is a wonderful woman of God, one who serves Him, through her mission, her ward, her family. I read her blog, mainly to laugh and to see pictures of our beautiful granddaughters. She is a talent at writing her thoughts and experience down. But one of the most wonderful virtues she has nurtured is her unselfishness.

When reading about the gadiations and the core vale of only taking from society and never giving, it awakens you to realize that all sin is based in selfishness and that is why God cannot allow the least degree of sin in heaven, because when there is selfishness things, societies, relationships collapse. I am truly grateful for Lara's efforts in balancing between giving and taking and realized she is nurturing that all important virtue, unselfishness. May we all be better at that. I love you Daughter!
P.S. Look at Sophies curls, seriously I was like that and so were your brothers. Sorry, you weren't Lara, you hair had to have perms!

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Lara said...


Thank you, Mom. That made my day! :)

Well, if I couldn't have curls, at least a couple of my daughters can. Poor Bria is in the same boat as I am. :)