Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Cougars, Yeah!!!

I just can't tell you just how excited and immensely thrilled we are BYU won, AGAIN!!! BYU dismantled UCLA, 59 to 0, zero, zippo!! Here we are number 15 in the nation and moving up! It is so thrilling to watch Bronco's defense/offense take flight and his philosophies taking hold. He is such a fine example of sportsmanship and of brilliance in football. I love the mix of it all!! He is such a class act.

What do you think, do we move up to 10th on Sunday??? Let's vote.
Love ya,
Go Cougars!!


Lara said...

We'd better move up. After moving down even after winning last week's game...they had better realize to move them up!

Lara said...

14th in AP.

10th or 11th in Coach's. I don't remember now. :)