Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something to think about!

Okay here is a thought that you all can chew on! In Institute class a while back, my instructor made a wonderful insight that I have to totally agree with, and it had to do with Jacob 2. First of all, Jacob is speaking about how the men of the time were very naughty and the women and children had to listen to him speak with their very sensitive hearts and minds. And how hard it had to be to hear Jacob being so blunt. And, I totally agree with this, however, Bro. so and so said to the class, you women need to understand one thing, that if you want to be treated tenderly, and chastely you MUST behave that way. So it is a two way street!! Quitte frankly I am weary of hearing some women say I will NOT allow myself to be disrespected, etc etc. And I think that maybe they ought to look at it from another's point of view instead of so self-absorbed. Because many women these days are behaving very poorly and with the sense of entitlement and men are the ones ending up more abused.

Think about it.

(disclosure, if you are offended by my thoughts, I would ask you kindly not to come here!)