Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas! The blessings have been great, in so many ways! I hope you felt the love of our Savior at this time! I know we did!

Love to you all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why so long, I don't know!

Feeling a little bit melancholy, but don't know if it is the season of the year when your mind is constantly on family or that it's cold or what! But, I was asked the question on one of my comments on this blog if I was a convert to the church or born into the church and if I was a convert how did it come about? So I'd thought I would reflect on that question and share my conversion story here.

Born to a mother who was very religious, believed in God, spoke to Him quite regularly with me in her lap and who taught us all very valuable values and virtues, we went to many different churches growing up. Methodist, Episcopalian and Baptist. However, I went to a Baptist Parochial school from kindergarten to 7th grade in Los Angeles. Then moving to San Diego (La Jolla) in my 7th grade year, I now found myself in public school. Which I might add, was quite an adjustment.

My father was born to Southern Methodist missionaries. My grandparents lived in Soochow China for 30 years having all 9 of their children there. Grandfather was also a surgeon and spent many years serving the Chinese people in a humanitarian capacity, as did Grandmother.

We, as children, had a very religious background, with parents who were always just trying to do the right thing and teaching us to do the same.

I knew as a youngster I was being watched over, because of several very special experiences, which I will not share. However, I knew I had something I was to do. As I gained knowledge of the plan of the Lords, I looked back to see that was a very real experience and that the veil is thinner than we know.

I was the third child of six children and I had a older sister, that at 18 she did not want to live the rules in our home. I was around 11/12 years of age so I didn't quite understand that, and being the type of child I was, a little more compliant, I wished she didn't do that. However, she left and went to live with her girlfriend who just happened to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know she was gone for some time, of which I am not sure, but I do remember my father lying on the bed and shedding many tears during this time.

She did return home, and when she did, she had been baptized into the Church by missionaries. She told my mother about them and mother was very interested in it. So, mom asked who would be interested in hearing what they had to say and it was myself and my younger brother and mother. And that was all. My older brother and father were not, and the twins were too young.

I remember these Elder's teaching us the discussions, but to tell you the truth, I didn't listen very well. But I do remember Mother asking my brother and I if we wanted to be baptized, she was going to be so if we wanted to, we could as well. She gave us the choice. We both chose to do it. To tell you the truth, I did not have a testimony, not a real one anyway. I felt I joined because I trusted my mother's good judgement AND it felt really good. It really wasn't until many many years later that I gained a true testimony. About 1986. SO I had been a member about 20 years or so, and had been just trying to get through my day to day life. I prayed, I read the Book of Mormon, went to church, I tried to live a good life, but I never really was seeking the confirmation. But something happened in me. I can't put my finger on it, other than I made a decision.

This was the time, I hungered and thirsted after the gospel. I couldn't get enough, I went to Institute and had a million questions that I needed answered. I got answers and I felt the Spirit witness these things over and over again. I would bring them home and teach them to my family, I was so enthusiastic!! I loved THE GOSPEL!! I was finally coming to the Lord!

Now, honestly, I do struggle every day with some things, like discouragement or hurt or what have you. BUT, I have come to understand the Savior better, His love for me, and His desire to have me come follow Him. I have come to realize the frailty of human kind and the stupid mistakes we all make. That we need HIM, we all need A Savior!!

I have often reflected on the fact that my religious background really helped prepare me for the fullness of His gospel, that it helped me recognize it even before I realized it. I really have come to know that my footsteps have been guided all along and I am so grateful for it. Not just for me but for my children and my posterity.

Thank you for the question, I hope I answered it, if not, let me know!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To cosign or not to cosign that is the question!

This was found in LDS Living this morning! They always have a question and answer section with Dave Ramsey!!! Here is one very critical question that may come up in your life, it has in ours!

Don't Jeopardize Your Marriage with Co-signing! by Dave Ramsey

Should we co-sign on a loan?

We've been getting on track financially using your plan, but now my husband's parents wants us to co-sign on a new car. I think it's a bad idea, and have asked him to not do this. We're just on Baby Step 2, so any catastrophe would really set us back. What if my husband does this anyway? Do you have any tips on grace, or what do besides the "I told you so" lecture?

Dear Genevieve,
You're right about one thing. Co-signing for that car would be a very bad idea.
But I'm not sure this is the time for grace and understanding. I think this is one of those times when you stand in the driveway, and don't let him leave. Just tell him no! I understand that we're talking about family, and that makes it more difficult for him. But this guy needs to understand that he's putting your relationship in jeopardy if he completely goes against your wishes on something that you are adamantly against.
I'm serious about this. If the deal falls through, and there's a pretty good chance it will, it's not going to be just a setback or inconvenience for you guys. This kind of thing could potentially bankrupt your family. It could also cause big-time problems between your husband and his parents.

Do you know why banks want co-signers? It's because they don't think the people who want the loan will pay the bill! You're basically being asked to stick your head in the noose so the bank can hang you when they don't pay up!

Don't do it, Genevieve. Don't you ever co-sign for anyone, and don't let this happen. In the Contemporary English Version of Scripture Proverbs 17:18 reads, "It's stupid to guarantee someone else's loan." And that's not me speaking.

- Dave

I love Dave Ramsey, he gives such sound advice!!! He is also so clear. But it takes a lot of guts to apply thes principles, and I say principles as that is what it is. It's the right thing to do. There are untold potential problems it causes for close relationships and it plainly is not worth it.

If anyone does ever ask you, you run the risk of them trying to use guilt tactics, stay strong, it is just manipulation to get their way as they are in trouble. So so hard. Stay the course, it is for your protection. They will figure it out.

So as for Mike and I, we are convinced of the dangers and will never do it!!

Good luck and start paying attention to Dave's advice, it is well worth your time and energy. A lifetime of peace is yours and mine to have!