Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Thoughts!

Elder Bednar said, "Commandments are "directions". They guide us,help us do things to lead us to Jesus Christ. Do we know why? Do we understand why? If we don't know the why then the power available of the doctrine of Christ will not be evident in our lives. If we do know the why, then that same power of the doctrine of Christ will become more available to us.

And I love this:
If you break the rules, then the rules will break you! Keep the commandments
You will receive light from the Lord and truth. We are happy, and they will give us guidance.

Also in listening to Sheri Dew's new talk on 4 things that wreck our lives, she says if she were the adversary and she wanted to wreck womens' lives, she would first get us to squabble and pick at each other! Women especially are the ones who do this very thing. The reason being is because there is a divine nature in women to nurture and Satan would do all in his power to destroy their purpose in being here on the earth. WOW, that is so evident. She pointed out that women have a sharp tongue and the early prophets had to pull the women together and tell them to "be nice".

So all you girls and women out there. Try with all your might to "be nice", to be nurturing and fulfill your mission here on the earth to love and bring relief to others suffering. Not add to it. I guess I have met a few mean spirited women in my time, but mostly because they have forgotten who they are and what kind of damage they do each time they succumb to it.

More later!