Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The real meaning of Strict, please stand up!

It is very interesting how many children of parents, whom, they call strict, really do not understand that word. AND it is really interesting as to how many people interpret it as loss of agency when the parents require from their children or whom the children think they are Strict!! I hope I'm making sense here!

Anyhow, I've been asking "why is a word used, why is it used when, and what does it mean in all forms?" And this is what I came up with concerning "Strict"!

To have strict parents means to have exact parents, accurate parents, precise, absolute and entire. Now, isn't that interesting? It doesn't say anything negative about being strict, in my mind it is very positive, instilling many virtues, many important virtues in their lives and in their personalities, hopefully that is.

And to pay "strict heed" to your parents, your leaders and the prophet means to take careful notice and pay close attention with exactness, with precision and accuracy, in it's entirety and to be perfect in it. Perfect meaning complete and whole!

This opens a whole new world to me, when I have had somewhat of a negative connotation from others concerning our parenting style. One of being strict. And I came away thinking, we did exactly what we were asked to do from Heavenly Father, and when we didn't quite get there, we used the beautiful Atonement set for us by our Beloved Savior!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thoughts on Charity!

The last few years I have really been pondering "Charity", trying more diligently to understand what it really means and the long-term effects that it creates on others. And I decided to share some of my thoughts and feelings on the subject, even though I have soooooooooooooooooooo much to learn and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to practice. I'm more or less looking at it from a parental point of view in this blog, but I am so sure you could apply it in any other setting.

We are told in the scriptures, "Charity is the pure love of Christ!". We hear it, know it, see it, and preach it, but really how does it feel, how does one get it, and how come it gets so confusing???? Because it is Christ's way, it is Christ and it is the right way. And His ways are not our ways, so hence it takes lots of hard work, plus it is not innate in us, but must be energetically sought after through fervent prayer and by following Jesus Christ completely. In essence, we must want it and do what is necessary to receive it. It is then given to us by God. Usually, we receive this gift in the same degree that our own lives are conforming to Christ's. Please do not confuse charity with giving or generosity, because it isn't the same. Only a small portion of it. It is line upon line, precept upon precept kind of thing. And it takes years of living and experiencing that you even come close to realizing what it must mean to a very small degree, mind you!

What is the pure love of Christ? It seems to be a completely selfless motivation to help others. It is possessing the attributes of long-suffering (patience in learning and patience in teaching), kindness, humility, righteousness, patience, truth-seeking, benevolent, and hope among others. These traits are found in parents who are striving to love their adult children with "pure love of Christ". And parents develop that love as they attempt to manifest these attributes in their relationships with their children.

So take a look at where you're coming from, the Savior's way is the only one that ultimately works, His motivation is love, and His technique is invitation.

So so much to learn, so so much to practice!!!
But His trust is in us, He knew we could do it and overcome this world if we will but follow Him!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best Day ever!!!!

So I can't let this day go by until I write about MY very special Mother's day! It was definitely the "Queen for a Day!" by my beautiful family!

It started out with Brayden and Daxton calling me at 8:00 a.m. and saying, "Happy Mother's day, I love you!!" along with their mother! Thank you sweeties!

Then Church was wonderful Sacrament meeting on Motherhood, which sometimes is very hard to take because sometimes it comes across negatively instead of positively. It was so nice to hear, " a mother's love is measured by the depth of her soul". And I know most mothers' have that depth. It was very uplifting!

Then a cute text from Nate, Happy Mother's day, Ma!! Thank You Nate.

Then Mike, my hubby, gave me a wonderful book that is new out called, The Holy Secret which is the companion book to the Peacegiver, so I was excited aabout that, hot off the presses. Another book that Mike and I can read together at night before bed. Thank you dear!

Shana and the boys came over and dropped off a beautiful plant, geraniums, and a lovely card, I will plant them right in my planter outside, I love it,thank you guys!

Jon and Rachael called and in his funny way said "Happy Mothers Day Mom" It was halarious. And received an e=card from them that told me they eat their vegetables without complaining by yoyo and hook??? Anyhow, funny and sweet at the same time!
Thanks so much Jon and Rach.

Then a fun chat with the girls, Chloe and her jokes, and Bria with her sweet spirit and Sophie sicker than a dog. And Lara and Joel's wonderful wishes coming tomorrow, with Joel insisting it stay a surprise!! Thanks everyone!

So was I a queen today? More than a queen, simply exquisite. I am so Blessed and I felt so loved! And I love you all!!!This will truly carry me through a very long time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thank YOU!!

So, Lara has been neck and neck with this other very good photo, quite an emotional one at that! And I have to say that I feel such gratitude for all of you, my friends, family, and associates who have taken the time to vote for my baby!! Not only does she feel loved, but I feel so loved too! Thank you one and all even if she doesn't win, it was really fun to play with all of you and to keep busy with something happy when life is crazy busy!!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Here is that adorable picture!

Hope you go and vote for this little girl!


Okay, everyone who comes to visit my blog,(which I'm sure is not very interesting!) Would you go to my daughter's blog, lalakme.blogspot.com, read her story and then go to this link and vote for the photo? www.5minutesformom.com/364/mothers-day-photo-finalists/

she is a finalist in a photo contest, which will pay 1000.00 if she wins, which will help Joel get to Spain this month for a conducting competition, (they are dirt poor), and then VOTE for the picture??? (still remember if you like other shots better, do vote for them) BUT, if you love the picture of Sophia, vote for her!!! You have to admit it is the most darling picture of a child who is looking at herself in the mirror, mimicing her mother! And of course, I am her Mamah, and am very prejudice!

It goes until May 9th!! I hope you will look, they are darling!! Thank you one and all!