Monday, May 5, 2008


Okay, everyone who comes to visit my blog,(which I'm sure is not very interesting!) Would you go to my daughter's blog,, read her story and then go to this link and vote for the photo?

she is a finalist in a photo contest, which will pay 1000.00 if she wins, which will help Joel get to Spain this month for a conducting competition, (they are dirt poor), and then VOTE for the picture??? (still remember if you like other shots better, do vote for them) BUT, if you love the picture of Sophia, vote for her!!! You have to admit it is the most darling picture of a child who is looking at herself in the mirror, mimicing her mother! And of course, I am her Mamah, and am very prejudice!

It goes until May 9th!! I hope you will look, they are darling!! Thank you one and all!

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Lara said...

Thank you mom! :)