Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The real meaning of Strict, please stand up!

It is very interesting how many children of parents, whom, they call strict, really do not understand that word. AND it is really interesting as to how many people interpret it as loss of agency when the parents require from their children or whom the children think they are Strict!! I hope I'm making sense here!

Anyhow, I've been asking "why is a word used, why is it used when, and what does it mean in all forms?" And this is what I came up with concerning "Strict"!

To have strict parents means to have exact parents, accurate parents, precise, absolute and entire. Now, isn't that interesting? It doesn't say anything negative about being strict, in my mind it is very positive, instilling many virtues, many important virtues in their lives and in their personalities, hopefully that is.

And to pay "strict heed" to your parents, your leaders and the prophet means to take careful notice and pay close attention with exactness, with precision and accuracy, in it's entirety and to be perfect in it. Perfect meaning complete and whole!

This opens a whole new world to me, when I have had somewhat of a negative connotation from others concerning our parenting style. One of being strict. And I came away thinking, we did exactly what we were asked to do from Heavenly Father, and when we didn't quite get there, we used the beautiful Atonement set for us by our Beloved Savior!

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