Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mistaken Identity!

Saturday when Brayden and Daxton were visiting us with their Dad, Brayden came in and in his great, happy way, said, Grampa Mike I want you to teach me how to hit and play baseball like you did Dad. Boy, did Grampa get excited. They went right outside and set up and shortly after, Jon, Daxton and I went out and enjoyed watching this little talented boy, who quite frankly is as naturally talented as his father was in this game of baseball. Jon went behind and caught all the balls Brayden hit. Which was 9 out of 10 balls, and they were clear in the north 40!! His dad was exactly like that. And the specifics aren't taught, they are inherited, the technique is what is taught and having all of these collegiate athletes in the family certainly helps with that!! When I speak of specifics, it is what you are born with, what you inherited and Brayden showed over and over that is a fact.
So Daxton and I wanted to go visit the horses, while they continued to play, so we took a shortcut behind the houses to the horse corral. Interestingly enough, UVSC had just aerated their grounds and it showed immensely. So, Dax, said Gramma, look at all the dog poops, boy there is a lot!!" I cracked up and then proceeded to say, they sure look like it, but the school just used a machine to pull little plugs of dirt out of the ground to let water in, and they just look like poops! We both had a good laugh and off we went to the horses that love Dax!!
See you soon boys, we sure love you!

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