Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was this a week?

Last week and this week have been absolutely crazy, but I still get my reading in at night and my fitness blogs written and classes taught and my house straight at least a little. Now, the peaches are on and it is looking like a 11 bushel tree!! This year, I'll have to do some of it myself because of the lateness of it all, but oh well, Mike is still off and he can help, thank goodness. It has already been 2 1/2 months he has been off and his shoulder is healing very nicely, thank you very much!

Anyhow, I had to speak in Sacrament last Sunday on "Opening Your Heart" by Elder Lund! And that week was verrrrrry busy. But verrrrrry blessed. We went down to Cedar to hear Lara sing, which was incredible if I do say so myself, at the St. George Tabernacle with her friend Jackie! They sang like angels!! I loved it!! Then we went the next night to see Joel conduct the southern Utah Symphony! He is a total JOY to watch as well! Boy, when he gets in a University, they will be in hog heaven with him!! Anyhow, the girls were a ball and Lara, her dad and I gots lots done to help her put together her new computer hutch amoung other things!YAY!!

( But, we REALLY enjoy the drive, where we are alone and talking with no one around and no phones or Television or Internet!! It is lovely to just drive for long periods of time. )

Anyhow, getting back to speaking, I have to tell you this talk was memorable as we were at the actual conference center listening to Elder Lund that Saturday afternoon session! It was an incredible message and profound at that! But while I was preparing amidst the difficulties of the week, I found I became so keenly aware of my heart as it opened and closed quite a bit. With little joys and then incredible difficulties. Interesting feelings.

But after my message was delivered, I found myself contemplating the love a mother has for her children. You would think every mother would realize other mothers have that same profound love for their babies. But it is interesting the disconnect that so many have for other people. Currently, UFI is reporting the legalized polygamy and the legalized gay marriage and speaking in terms of children being adopted into any type of family, and I am not talking about the traditional marriage. So what about the children?????? When that happens their ability to choose will be nil and void. Isn't that the time the Lord does something???? As per the scriptures.

I wonder, do we really have any time to be off the straight and narrow?????
I somehow, don't think so.

Guess, this blog is truly an "out to lunch" one, ey???

P.S. BYU 44/0 another shut out, hmmmmmm BCS bowl anyone???

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Lara said...

So your talk went well, then? :)