Thursday, September 4, 2008


Did you watch the RNC last night and listen to Gulianni's, Romneys, and Palin's speeches? Awesome, wouldn't you say? The reason being, the lefties, media lefties and Obamas camp had come on the attack, looking and digging for things to destroy the other party. But in actuality, they were panicked because they were scared of this ticket now!! The McCain camp now had been empowered by someone who did something and wasn't one of the good ole' boys! She gave quite a speech defending their camp with a smile. It really took out all of the hype in the Obama camp. Boy, it is exciting to watch! There is always going to be those who are on the attack, but will end up in the toilet. What's funny is, being on the side of right (ha ha) is always the better place to be. They stood up in a very strong, but classy way. There is always a time to stand up to attacks and hit the bullseye with just the right words! This is going to be a very interesting election, don't you think?


nan said...

wow --- well, deni, i figured i might guess your religious affiliation, since i watch you on BYU TV, but i didn't know you were such a hard-core right winger!

oh well, it's ok. i still think you're pretty cool and i get a lot of benefit from the yoga sessions on Total Body Workout. you are a great teacher.

as far as politics, i'm not happy w/ either choice we've been given, but i can't support more war-mongering and tax cuts for the very richest.

God bless, deni. keep up the good work!

queendeni said...

Nan: So glad you left a comment! I truly understand where you are coming from and honor your viewpoint, believe me, we really felt Romney was the man ourselves. But, we certainly cannot live with heads in the sand as well. Sure Love ya Nan, and love that you are experiencing Yoga!! Take care yourself and thanks for your insights.