Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What are you going to be???

So Lara is bringing back a lot of memories for me this Halloween! Every Halloween I would sew up the kids costumes for them. We couldn't ever afford to buy them so I always made them. I made clowns, cowboys and cowgirls, Indians, capes galore, poodle skirts, dogs etc. etc. But now, it is much more like Iron man, Batman, Transformers etc. So the cowardly lion is really familiar to me as it always took quite a lot of sewing to make these costumes. I still have all of them to this day in a costume box, the grandkids can play in them now! I, however, was always the witch, wasn't that fitting being the mom, that is???

But, the importance of it all??? Is the memories that were created! Since we didn't have money, we always did things here. I guess the point is you don't have to have things to create memories, just yourself!

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Lara said...

I'm the witch, too. :)

It's actually been fun to do the sewing. I almost bought a lion costume at WalMart for 10 bucks, but it looked cheap and ready to fall apart at any moment. I am thrilled with the sewed up version, it's way too cute. :)