Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peaches, peaches, peaches!!

Wowwy, zowwy, can life get any busier???? it is amazing when the children are grown that you fill your days COMPLETELY full of things that you hav not been able to get to. Between shopping for more food storage, canning peaches, making pies, listening to the Relief Society conference (which was wonderful, especially Elder Uctdorf's message), teaching classes, picking the rest of the peaches off the tree, dropping off peaches to friends and neighbors, making lunch and dinner, and now catching up on emails and such, where does the time go???? No wonder my feet hurt, and my back gets sore!! AND this is with Mikes' help the entire time!!! What a guy, he is so helpful, but he also knows those peaches are for him, which is his favorite canned fruit, especially off that prolific tree outside!!

I'll post pic's shortly!! The peaches are beautiful, we have done 40 quarts thus far and more to come!!

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Emily said...

The R.S. broadcast was spectacular, wasn't it?! I wished I would have come to yoga because it only took like thirty minutes to assemble our hygiene kits at the stake thing. Oh well! By the way, thanks for the great message on my blog. The hike is off of 8th East in Orem, going north, past Cascade Elem. and just above the cemetary. It's where all the Orem city water treatment stuff is located.