Monday, September 29, 2008

Smile, smile, laugh, laugh!

You know, there is one of my favorite things that brings smile to my face and that is Sunday Dinner at our house with Jon, Racheal, Nate and Brittany! I wish the other children were around, but we believe we take what we can get in family get togethers in the midst of very busy lives, and a very expensive economy. Anyhow, the one thing I so appreciate is the kids will stay for many hours, not having to rush off anywhere, where sometimes in the past there was this "gotta go" in a hour thing. We relax and enjoy one another, laughing, playing games, watching old films of the kids growing up and all kinds of conversations that make us laugh! ZJon's sense of humor is back and he keeps us all rolling! Nate, Brit, and Rachael are especially his audience!

Even though things aren't perfect, maybe according to the world you may live in, but to us things are so enjoyable. It's the interactions that are occurring between the kids and their special ones in the way of fun and laughter, of understanding and communication. It isssssss very comfortable. We see many joyful days ahead for our family. The holidays are next. Oh bytheway, the national average of weight gain during the holiday season from Oct. 31st to Jan 1st is still 10 pounds. BEWARE!!

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