Monday, March 31, 2008

Look at what is coming up!

Hi everyone!! Today we woke up to snow again, but the sky was blue and crisp! It was actually refreshing. This refreshment brings to mind how we can become new, washed clean! How beautiful the driven snow was with no footsteps in it. It reminded me of a Mormon ad, actually, that said our life ahead of us is pure driven snow and we can change ourselves, become more obedient, more humble, more willing to give of ourself to our Father in Heaven. I love that!! "Our will" given on our own to Him. I love the fact of letting go of our ego, pride everyone, and start listening. Just listen. Then we can become so moldable. Just like the clay in His hands. I think we so stop ourselves from reaching our potential. I know I have, and still do!
But the "good news" is it takes time, patience, and it is a process. Pressidnet Hinckley said, we should be grateful for the ride. Ha! Are we? Or are we caught up "in the ride" and not seeing what we need to see, in ourselves and in others and around us. So, hence, get ready for another wonderful General Conference. This conference will be the most important ever. Just like every other one. I can't think or say this enough, If we are doing something to take us away from our Savior it is not good, but if it takes us closer it is good.
So everyone, take heart!! Conference is here, and we will get just what we need, IF we will truly prepare for it.

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