Sunday, February 25, 2007

Proof in the Puddin'

Hello everyone! Well, I'm finally joining all of you bloggers and getting in on the action! I'm thinking this will really be good for me, since I'm mostly out to lunch on the latest and greatest crazes. But already I am smiling because I'm doing this. My dd, who is very creative and talented in a multitude of ways helped me thus far in creating this place of babbling and I think I'm really glad! Sooooo, in my babblings you WILL probably find proof in the puddin' that I'm truly out to lunch, but the nice thing is if you go to my website, you will find a more put together person lending a service to all of you who want to or are attempting to get in shape! See I told you, I'm a babbler (is that a word?). Don't worry next time I will give you good stuff. Thanks Lara for your expertise.


Lara said...

you're welcome, mom!

Hilary said...

Lara rocks. :)
Every good blogger is a babbler -- it's a rule. :)