Thursday, March 1, 2007

The smeller is the feller!

One of my students said something to me the other day that took me by surprise that they would even say it. I was making a comment that was stating an opinion on something (which is neither here nor there to you all) and immediately they said to me "Liar!" I could not believe my ears, that it flowed so quickly and freely from this students mouth and with a smile!! Which in my opinion is far worse!!! Then they add a little just kidding to it! I witness this quite often with the generation of 18-26 year olds. ( sorry if I offend any of you who are in that age group,) So it is not something new. I did not respond other than I turned around and faced this student and said pointed my finger and looked them in the eye with a twinkle in mine and with a gentle and sure voice: "The smeller is the feller!!" That response from me got no reaction back and hopefully caused them some reflection. Because the truth of the matter, anyone who has an accusatory personality, such as "you are controlling, you are a liar, or you are this or that" even in jest is that very way themselves. They are the ones with that problem.

Personally, I feel that today's young adults find it very easy to speak very disrespectfully to us as parents, as professors, as older folks. I was taught very clearly and boldly "You don't ever speak to your elders that way!" As for my own child rearing I know my children spent alot of time in time out for it. So here is an article to back up the comment in the last blog that this generation of college students are more narcissistic today then before. It is very interesting. However, I would not put it just on college students, but particularly that age group, ones in school or out. It is a general statement, but it is more often true than not. I have to agree with a lot of what is written in that article.

So every time someone calls me a name or accuses me of something in that fashion..........
well, my response will be........the smeller is the feller!

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