Saturday, March 17, 2007

My dd, 3 darling granddaughters and I just got back from an overnight trip to St George for a girls trip that was badly needed by all of us! We shopped till we dropped, the girls went swimming while I watched Sophie, we went to Tuachan and looked at the beauty there, (the desert and red rocks has it's own kind of beauty that is to be appreciated) and we enjoyed laughing and meals together! First, are there any clothes that fit a pear shaped figure?????? It was very discouraging to hunt and hunt and not find a whole lot that looked decent on both of us. SO I thought the only way to be successful is this area is to lose weight!!!! BUT......................that's another blog! The clothes are either too tight, too short, too big in spots and too small in others spots and it became a sight to behold in the dressing room. Piles of clothes everywhere from all departments, from expensive to not so expensive. The sales women were always surprised we surfaced with very little. But I can say we bought shoes!!! At least they stay the same as far as you can find some you like and they FIT! So hence we came away with some pretty cute shoes, dressy patent leathers and funky casual shoes for summer. What a deal is all I can say! Does anyone else have this problem? Hope someday we can go in and find alot so we have to choose the bsst one, not what is the only thing that works! BUt the best part was being together!


Hilary said...

It's the cry of the hunt.
Thta's what's fun about it.

Lara said...

The big hips will always be the bane of our existence. :)