Saturday, March 17, 2007


My name Mamah was given me by my first grandchild and her name is Bria Denise Pukalani Neves! One day she was saying mama and I kept telling Lara, "Lara, she is calling you mama!" We both really thought that at the time, never would I have guessed otherwise. Then, Lara, being her mother who knows what she is saying and thinking and everything else, said "Mom, she's not saying mama, she is trying to say gramma and it's coming out mamah!!!" I told her I absolutely love that! So hence Mamah was born. It mean't alot to me that this child was trying to say my name! Now all three girls are using it! I hear mamah, mamah, mamah mamah all of the time, or I want to sit next to mamah, or Mamah will you do this for me? or Mamah, you are my bestest mamah!! We are truly connected. I know Heavenly Father blessed me with those girls to bring me joy forever in many ways and one was they named me! So when someone is calling out "Mamah" you know who it will be---Bria, Chloe and Sophia!! I love you girls!!
(My other grandchildren are just as special to me and they will be spotlighted on another blog because I love them just like these girls!!!)

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Hilary said...

Spencer used to call my mom that... but it has evolved.
I always wanted my mom to have some coolio grandma name, for right now gam-ma will suffice. :)