Thursday, March 8, 2007

What is the meaning of all things?

I can't get this out of my head, so maybe I'm supposed to share this! "I know that he loveth his children, nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." I've contemplated this verse for quite some time, along with my patriarchal blessing and feel very clearly that that is the answer for me at this time and to all of you my family and friends who are suffering in some way. Along with these two very important texts for me comes the book "The Four Agreements". You might think oh brother, Deni whatever, but the reality of the world I'm living in, this book also has helped me to see things in a much clearer way. To understand, to reach out, to let go, and to grasp the truth in it's real context, not a made up one. Hope I'm clear as a bell! Or mud?

Anyhow, I was reading this excerpt to my class today in hopes of uplifting all of them, it is as follows: It is from the 4th agreement.
" When Doing your best, you are going to live your life intensely. You are going to be productive, you are going to be good to yourself, because you will be giving yourself to your family, your community and to everything. But it is the ACTION that will make you feel intensely happy. When you always do your best, you take action because you LOVE it, not because you are expecting a reward. .... You will find that you enjoy every action that you do. Rewards will come but you will not be attached to the reward. If we like what we do, if we always do our best, then we are really enjoying life......when you do your best, you don't give the Judge the opportunity to find you guilty or to blame you. If you've done your best and the Judge tries to judge you according to YOUR book of laws, you've got the answer, "I did my best!" There are no regrets. That is why we always do our best. It is not an easy agreement to keep, but this agreement will set you free.
When you do your best you learn to accept yourself.
Keep in mind that doing your best is never going to be the same from one moment to the next moment. Everything is alive and changing all of the time, so your best is sometimes high quality, and other times it will not be as good. Your best will depend on whether you are feeling wonderful and happy, or jealous, envious, upset or angry.
When we practice this we will get better at our best.

Anyhow, by doing your best, the habits of misusing your word, taking things personally, and making assumptions will become weaker and less frequent with time."

It's all a matter of practice. So don't get down on yourself or others for that matter. Because really We know He loves us, but we don't know the MEANING of all things. But we CAN do our best! No one knows what that is but you!

Many Many Blessings

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Lara said...

That is my favorite agreement: Do your best. And I love that when I know that I have done that, it doesn't matter what others think about my efforts, because I am confident that I have done all I can.