Monday, March 5, 2007

Monkey do!

So my ds (darling son?) came over right after his return from a long overseas trip to Malaysia yesterday. I was extremely happy to see him. He is really seeing a lot of the world through his job and seeing the differences in culture, food, and personality. I myself, would be like him in that I would get very tired of the travel and being away, but love to see others parts of this planet. I have been to England, to Romania, to Mexico (Tiajuana), to Hawaii and all over this country. I really love to see what is out there. I know my sister and I are planning something to Scotland for next year and dd and I want to trip to New York, and dh and I want to go on a Church History trip this summer. So the planning begins. But getting back to my ds, he brought me a special gift from Malaysia that was very sweet, 3 monkey's that are really indicative of the country. I loved it and I love how he was thinking of both of us!
But what I'm really getting too is how fun it is to watch my two sons that were here interact with each other. They were playing this guitar hero????? And they both looked like rock stars and were bee boppin' to it. It was so fun or should I say funny to watch!! Everyone needs time to unwind whether it be in a movie, at the temple, with friends, curled up with a book or scrapbooking, so I say go for it!! I am very blessed to have these two I mean three good, strong sons who are very independent and also a very wonderful daughter who is strong and independent herself. These children have greatness and I can see it! I think it was said by Nelson Mandela that it really is frightening to know who we REALLY are! One day we will all understand! I really don't think we do at this point.
Now, please don't misunderstand, no one is perfect (finished or complete) yet, we are all working on being better people but it brings me great joy when they are laughing and enjoying each other as they did as children. My children are a blessing to me.
BTW, those monkey's were, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!! Isn't that the best?

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