Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Coming Quickly!

Well now everyone, I have the opportunity to speak in Sacrament on Sunday, Easter SUnday mind you, and I just have to say! I have been voraciously studying everything I can get my hands on about the Atonement. But the interesting thing is I have had the hardest time narrowing down this deep doctrine of the kingdom. I am struggling putting anything down on paper to tell you the truth. I have 10-12 minutes. Wow. That short of time when you consider you just start to develop an idea then the time is gone. So I guess I'm answering my own question. I need one idea to focus in on. So what is the one idea that is most important so we all understand or are taught by the Spirit TO understand about this phenomenal doctrine?

If you have any one idea that has touched you profoundly please let me know. Time is of the essence now! Love Love!!

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Lara said...

Wow. That's tough. I don't htink I could even narrow it down.

Yesterday in YW we re-enacted the Prodigal Son and we talked about how the parable means that we ALL have access to the Atonement no matter how big or small our sins are. And if we each take advantage of it we will receive the same reward.

Part of it was allowing others to use the Atonement, you know? Like the older brother had issues since he was always good. He couldn't understand how it was okay for his younger brother to be welcomed back and receive the same reward when he had done so much wrong.