Monday, April 9, 2007

Oh, what a nice day!

So just like all mothers, after your children are grown and out of the house, it's really wonderful to have them come back and share the family table and have a meal together. So it goes like this:
They gather and start eating everything in sight that is in the cupboard, even though dinner will be served in a few minutes. They go to each cupboard front, side and back and always find something, oh and then the fridge! So I am always glad we go grocery shopping on Saturday, even though I have vowed never to go on Saturday again. I absolutely dislike Saturday grocery store shopping! Anyhow, then of course they look in the candy drawer that has become a family joke. Dad has to have his m and m's around. And let me tell you , if that is all dad has a problem with is m and m's I am so grateful. But what I observe is the boys eat right out of that drawer as well, mindlessly! They think it's us!!! Ha! That's all I say to that. (However, one must take control of their ownselves! You know, the agency thing? ) Anyhow, then we seat for dinner and have a family prayer, which now, it's the last one to sit down has to say the prayer. So Jon always makes sure he is seated. Funny guy. Butttt, when Daxton and Brayden were here awhile ago, Daxton wanted to say the prayer and Jon helped him. It was awesome!
So yesterday, Nate was asked to say the prayer and of course, being his darling self, he said all the many grateful things and then at the end he proceeds to say, "and please help Jon to eat his vegetables and be healthy, and please help Jon to want to pray......." and of course, Jon justed started to crack up! Soooooo of course, it has added some humor to our table. Then we have our converstations about Politics, understanding gospel things, etc etc. It is interesting to watch each and everyone of us have our own views. I think it is very healthy to think and desire to know how everyone sees things. So yesterday it was on Mitt Romney, whom we love!!! And of course, Hillary Clinton. In my own opinion, which isn't worth much, watch out for Mitt Romney, he is Reaganesq and he is right on concerning government policy. Just for your own gee whiz collection, I was raised in a political family and we all have our views, even to this day. Mom and Dad would have us follow the Presidential candidates, the Congressman and Senators in our area. It was full of energy, and often we would big parties thrown in our back yard for the candidates, including my father who ran for Congress in California years ago.
So back to dinner yesterday, then Jon got the eggs out and filled them with dollar bills for his boys. He was excited to hide them. The weather changed for the worst, so we did it in the house, in obvious places. Then the children came over and we were all so excited to see them!! Brayden had grown a foot since Saturday and Daxton was his giggly self, talking up a storm. We built the train up again, we read the Easter story, or attempted it anyway, and then they got their Easter basket form Gramma and Grandpa. I think their favorite part was the car toothbrushes. Daxton wanted to go brush his teeth right away! Also the PJ's, they wanted to put those on immediately too. BUt of course they were going home to have a bath first. They were so fun!! It was a joyful day.
Then Tychon called me back, and talked my ear off for 20 minutes. He is a character and a half and told me all about the Batman stuff he had gotten from us. Dave and Sundy were hosting a party there for Easter and Tychon told me about his friends who were there too. Estee is walking now, for about 5 weeks Sundy said, can't believe it!! She will be talking big soon too!
Lara and her family were with Matt and Ashley and gone all night, BUT Saturday they got their package and were so thrilled with their Easter they called and told me. However, one side funny note...Lara and Chloe were having a conversation and Chloe told her about them having 3 cars and her mom said, No Chloe I think we only have two cars , mine and daddy's. Chloe adamantly said no we have 3 cars and after a few back and forths, she said Mamah shares her car with us and that is 3 Mom!!!!! Isn't that awesome??? I am so blessed with the most darling grandchildren. They make me smile, when I'm down, smile when I don't feel good, and just plain smile. But my family is the most important thing to me. I ONLY want their success, I only want their happiness, all the while being careful not to be over-bearing.

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Joel said...

The question is, did Jon eat his vegetables? :)