Sunday, April 15, 2007

Be Still

So this week has been totally busy and I haven't been able to write anything, plus I haven't written my fitness articles either, but I thought I would sit down for a moment and write some thoughts down BEFORE I forget. IF there is one thing I have been contemplating over about a year now amidst all the busy schedules of school, teaching, my calling, my role as a wife, mother and grandmother and of course, sister. It is to "Be Still" and then "know that I am God!" As you have seen in some of my blogs that I do some personal study every day, whether it be Ensign, books or scriptures and I have been pondering them. I truly have to do it in a quiet space, or a space where my music from the MoTab is playing that takes me right up to meet The Spirit, and I truly mean it. It truly does! Oftentimes as well, I am studying some type of thought for my yoga classes that helps the students focus more on their practice in productive ways, which helps me as well ponder the things of God. But the real theme of this blog is "Be Still and Know That I am God!" That is the key through all of it. That we have to be still to hear the voice of the Spirit. There can't be anything interfering with this such as T.V., Internet, or noise of those distractive (new word) sorts. This is when my heart is open, this is when I am alone with my thoughts and can Tune in, so to speak. But I have to tell you, it is hard work. When I read the scriptures I understand how the Lord speaks and thus will recognize better His voice when I am still.
This morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and felt to go downstairs to pray. I felt nothing come, or felt my words were hitting the ceiling, or maybe it was just my words weren't coming, maybe a stupor? I don't know. But, I stayed there for 45 minutes hoping I would "Be Still to know" .
Sometimes those don't come though, because I already know. But, I do appreciate those quiet times that bring me great comfort. Whether or not things come is another story. But I am just grateful that WHEN I am still, I can really feel the communication from the Lord, whereas when there is noise, it is just impossible. So when I get it or don't it is the only way to hear and that is when being still.

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Lara said...

Personal study is the hardest thing for me because it isn't often quiet enough around here...trying though.