Monday, April 16, 2007


President Hinckley said this ,"You women, be good women,
be good mothers.
Be kind and gracious and generous. Strengthen your children with
your faith and your testimony. Lift them up. Help them to
walk throught he troubled ways of the world as they
grow in this very difficult age.
Support, sustain, uphold, and bless your
husbands with your love and your encouragement; and the Lord
will bless you. Even if they are not members of the Church,
bless them with kindness and reach out to them
every good way that you can.
The chances are that they will become members of the Church
before they reach the time they die.
It may be a long time and you may have a lot to put up with, but if that
happens, you will think it is all worth it."

I feel this is true. I am so grateful for Pres. Hinckley to lift us
as well, to give us the broader perspective
on our roles as wives, mothers, sisters, women and friend.

So let's look for the good in all of our men,
not just the ones who are are easy!

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