Sunday, April 29, 2007

Time is ticking!

Well tonight Mike and I went to our Bi-annual Stake High Priests and their wives meeting with President Stoddard, President Jenkins and President Bowen, whom are simply great men who love the Lord! There talks were very plain. This is a very difficult& scary time to live. They counseled us ALL to talk to our children about sex education, that we do a good job on the don'ts but a very poor job on the do's. Elder Holland talk on Souls, Symbols and Sacraments is a priority to teach your children about physical intimacy. We would all do well to study that talk in depth to truly understand the sacredness of intimacy in and only in marriage between a man and a woman. There are reasons for the Lord's permission in these matters. READ IT!

Also, the next topic was use of our words. I have to tell you that words are used very loosely these days. Not just cursing, but in asking questions to those around you that is absolutely none of your business, speaking unkindly of others. Grossly misinterpreting others thoughts and feelings. It's called jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, or taking things personally. I think I have an earlier blog on these things. It is hugely disconcerting the amount of things that are taken as an afront when the other did not have any thought or intent of doing so. This is why there is so much war in the world. They counseled us to be forgiving, be kind, and think the best of others. Be encouraging, be positive!

Just for your gee whiz collection, the protesters at BYU are terribly confused,( as stated by an apostle in private to one of our ward members, whom I will not repeat their name) this was not an action of freedom of speech per se, this was more of an action of not sustaining the prophet as he and the first presidency invited Vice President Cheney to BYU's campus to speak. And by the way, it was outstanding!! Anyone who was there will tell you it was the best commencement they have been to and appreciated all of his words of advice for the future, without any political agenda whatsoever, along with the other speakers (two students).
Well talk about a rant or a babbling, this was one. But the truth is we have a lot to be busy doing, and that is to teach our children and families correct principles and be actively engaged in the building up of the kingdom of God, and to honor agency, no matter what age. Time is ticking!!

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