Thursday, April 26, 2007

America, the Beautiful!

So today was BYU's commencement ceremonies, which, by the way, Nate should have walked in, but he chose not to. I was a little disappointed but I'll live. Anyhow, the special guest speaker was Vice President Dick Cheney! I really have quite liked the man over these last 7 years in office. He is very grounded and doesn't let things bother him, even when the storms are swirling around everywhere. In his speech he shared the things that might help these graduates that might help them face the world better and more fully. One was that there will be people who will look after them, who will help them excel and see the potential in them that they themselves will not see. Those will be their best assets and friends. Listen to them. The other thing I heard him make mention of there will be times in their lives which will not go the way they expected or planned for, the tough times! Learn from those times and keep moving forward. I am so impressed with this man. Even when there are things in our administration that is not the best decision, they still bring honor and integrity to the offices themselves. That alone deserves my respect.
I am actually appalled at all those who protest and do alternate commencements, I think it is quite immature myself. But we do live in a free country that promotes thinking and disagreement so that there will be balance. For that I am eternally grateful. However, it would behoove us all to just respect, even in disagreement of policy or whatever, the reality is Vice President Cheney has given his life for public service, and has tried to give us a value-based agenda, has any one of us done that for our country? I love America! And I love what good men try to accomplish good things in our country!


Repack Rider said...

Vice President Cheney has given his life for public service,

Well, except for that having better things to do during the sixties than to join me in the United States Army. Seven deferments.

I can't overlook the cowardice and corruption. To each his own.

Lara said...

I thought the protests were odd, myself. There are multitudes of reasons to protest any speaker anywhere...I thought it made BYU students look really immature. Just because he comes and you listen doesn't mean you must agree with him.

We have a lot to learn from someone like matter what his history or policies. I found the whole thing really silly and embarrassing for those students.

Repack Rider said...

I found the whole thing really silly and embarrassing for those students.

Au contraire. In the future they will be able to point to this exercise as one of the proudest moments of their lives.

More power to them. BYU condoned evil, corruption and immorality by inviting Mr. Cheney, and the students who protested defended in the only way they could what America used to stand for

queendeni said...

Dear Repack, this is not a political blog or a forum for your views, or a debate, sorry. I respect you for your service in the military as I come from a super military family, we are very patriotic and will continue to be so.

Hilary said...

Wow Repack....
Seriously, must've taken a fair amount of time to find this blog and write that....
perhaps you need a harder major.
Perhaps you should check into pre-nursing, I can guarantee that none of those students had enough time to protest.
Makes me wonder if BYU shoudln't crack down on them students with all that free time on their hands.