Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is up with this?????

What is up with this!!! I, or should I say we, Dr. Catherine Kipp and I are just flabbergasted that my hormones are worse, my thyroid is worse, etc is worse again, than ever!! My insulin resistance went up yet again, but a huge jump. She said it is all due to not absorbing or assimilating anything, what I did this last time actually caused me more trouble. So now I'm upping yet again the thyroid, changing bi-est progesterone stuff and getting ph strips to test my acidity!!

No wonder, I feel fatigued beyond description.

Oh well, who cares, right????

I'm just so grateful for class of fun students who take my mind off of it!!


Shana said...

Man, that IS crummy!! I hope you get back on track! Feeling tired is the worst feeling ever!!!

queendeni said...

I know you understand Shana!!!Love ya

Lara said...

YOU should care! I really hope they get it figured out quick!

Shana said...

Where have you been?? :)