Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our last Real Day, waaaaahhhh!

So our last real day in New York was one of getting in as much as we could for tomorrow we leave!! We left fairly early in the morning so we could get in breakfast, the Lincoln Center and an 11:00 Endowment session at the Manhattan Temple, which by the way, was nestled between two high rises and directly across from the Metropolitan Opera which has much meaning for me anyhow because of my mother. It was a very rainy day and everyone, I mean everyone, has an umbrella, makes it kind of hard getting around, we bump into each other, but, it is funny to see who is going to go high or low with the umbrella when passing someone, alot of someones actually. Anyhow, while crossing the street right at Broadway and Columbus, right in front of the temple with our nice dress clothes on, a person saw an opportunity to splah us really good!!! Remember I said it was raining, and when it rains it pours there. So needless to say we were drenched. When walking in the foyer of the temple building, there was a security guard there who asked us if that was us who got splashed. I asked him if it was on purpose and he said Oh Yes!! After a wonderful session in the Temple and funny, but a friend of mine and her family were there too at the same time, same session, across the continent and out of 17 of us Deenie Asay and her family and Lara and I were there. But it was a most beaautiful Temple, especially the Terrestrial room!! Gorgeous. You've got to go!!

Off to lunch next, a wonderful little Mexican Food restaurant nestled off to the side on Columbus!! And then to the museum of Natural History!! We only had an hour to spend there but it was interesting, alot of Aztec style goods and war materials. Also, space information, including how much you would weigh on Mars, Venus Jupiter etc. Wouldn't mind weighing in at 50 lbs. This museum was our least desired, so then we crossed right through Central Park on the roadway, about a mile or so to get to Central Park East and went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They had a Roman and Greek Art showing and I loved that myself. They didn't have much by way of art of the greats, just paintings of the some of the greats that were owned by people.

We had gotten tickets that mornng for a musical "Curtains" with David Hyde Pierce, Frazier's brother in the show Frazier. It was pretty good. He was very good, but for me, I could have taken it or left it. I really wanted to see the revival of A Chorus Line but there was only partial view's left for half price.

We did have great seats though and the second half was good, I should say the first half wasn't as interesting to me. The acting was great, the dancing was good, I just want' crazy about the whole story.
These were our seats, can you tell how good they were? They were really good!

We walked in our Hotel about 11:30 at night and boy were we exhausted!! But what a great day, filled to the brim. I want to go back really bad. I love New York City!!


Shana said...

Sounds awesome, I want to go now!! :) Glad you guys had a good time.

Lara said...

I want to go back, too! :)

queendeni said...

Yes, girls, I think we should go back someday!! And see A Chorus Line!!