Monday, August 27, 2007

One of those epiphanies!

This blog is a little on the serious side, a reflective side, one that is prompted through a sentence that stood out to me a month ago in a talk in our ward. This sentence spoke right to me, as loud and clear as anything, AND, has stuck with me. It is as if it was said a few moments ago, so I know where it came from and who it came from directly to me. This sentence is "Just because you believe something to be true, doesn't make it so!"
Now, maybe you are wondering what is it that made this so meaningful to me or an answer so to speak, well, I can't share that with you, only in cryptic terms. But over my life, there have been many friends close to me, right? Like all of us. But sometimes things or issues were grossly misinterpreted. Maybe about how things were said, or done, or whatever. I, would feel so bad about it, because it was never my intention or I was completely misunderstood or what have you. (This blog kind of goes along with my dd's experience with friends who misread things, or just do not understand!)

This is where I would get into trouble because I would try desperately to explain what I really mean't in all colors, shapes and forms. But that individual was stuck on believing what they wanted to believe. So it just made things worse me trying so hard to "fix" it. Because they had a problem that day or whenever, it was grossly misunderstood. So hence, the statement up above. This statement is just for me. "Just because you believe something is true, doesn't make it so" helps me to be fine with myself. Just let the other person go on doing whatever, but, myself? Well, I'm still okay with me. This is where I can get a great use of the atonement. Remember the peace which he can give through knowing all will be made right in the end. I just love that!


Lara said...

Very good thing to remember. I suppose it's good to remember it about what we think of other people as well as realizing that what other people think of us isn't necessarily true, either.

queendeni said...

Excellent comment Lara.

Shana said...

Yes, it is hard when others think something about us which is not true- But we do need to remember that it is their problem and that doesn't matter- It is who we KNOW we are and that our Savior knows who we are! That is really all that matters and if people don't like us, then oh well, such as life! Easier to say though... :)

queendeni said...

Sure is, Shana! It sure is an on-going process!!