Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tender Mercies of the Lord, AGAIN!!

Today, the Lord gave me many tender mercies, AGAIN!! I'm telling you, if ever you have any reason to feel down at all, He is aware and sends you these little tender mercies. So here are a few to mention in order:
1) One of my new instructors telling me what good things she has heard about my teaching etc. Thank you Allison!
2) Getting a phone call from Sophia (13 month old who plays with her mommies phone and my number is always the button she pushes) and she is really starting to talk A LOT!!! I love you Sophia.
3) A Beautiful "Happy Grandparents Day" Card from my two beautiful grandsons, that their mother,(who by the way, has always been very thoughtful) had them send. Thank-you Shana and boys!! I love you.
4) Going to lunch with my son, Nate, and having really good conversations on a spiritual level that gives me a feeling of connection! Thank you Nate for your time, I Love You!
5) Didn't sleep last night (hormones again) but I got to nap for 1/2 hour today! Thank You God for this.
And the Day isn't over! I know more is to come. That is the way it works! Tender Mercies. He is always giving them to us frequently during the day and I am so appreciative of them, because I need them and everyone else does too!
I hope you are getting as much as I am!

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Shana said...

I am glad you are being blessed! Grandparents Day isn't till Sept 05th, but I didn't want to forget so I just did it when I was thinking about it.:) Hope you continue to have good days.