Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New York City, Here We Are!!

Wow!! Where has all this time gone???? Here it is August 14th and life is just whirling, whirling by and by!!! Well, I'm back, getting ready for the insanity of school and classes among my normal daily activities. It is amazing how we fill up our lives the older we get!! However, two dreams in the desiring and the planning have come to fruition this summer and they are 1) Church History trip with my darling husband, and 2) A New York City Trip with my darling daughter! I think I will write first about New York City because it is so fresh in my mind!! Then I'll go back and finish the Church History trip!!
(I still have to learn how to post pictures, that is the next order of business) New York City was glorious, so I will write about each day!!!

Tuesday, August 7th!

We both were so excited for this day. We left at 7:30 a.m. for the airport, leaving our car parked in long term. Off we went by shuttle to the terminal, checking in baggage at United, which now costs 2.00 per bag plus gratuity, but it sure beats standing in lines. Then up to security. Security was fast and quick this time with no events, thank goodness, have had a few, mind you. Then off to our gate to wait for the call. We had assigned seats for once and at 11:00 a.m. off we flew to New York via Chicago, Ohare airport.

We landed around 3:00 p.m. Chicago time, with a layover of a hour and a half. This layover turned into a 3 hour layover due to weather in New York City. This was a long one. But we walked all over the airport and then sat down to eat at Chili's. There was this one Jumbo Jet that was parked by us that was so fascinating, it was a double decker going to Israel and I really wanted to get on it and scout around!! Oh well.

Finally after changing gates three times, (You had to pay attention to the loud speaker because they were always changing it) we were finally getting on. Off we went to La Guardia in New York. Lara and I had much to talk about, so chatter was our name, I love that about us!! We can chatter and then we can be quiet, it is so great having a daughter like her, one who is understanding of others and always gives others the benefit of the doubt!! Everyone needs Lara for a friend, she can teach them so much about acceptance.

Well, finally we landed at La Guardia at 10:00 p.m. Picked up our luggage and then to the shuttle to our Hotel. I found the African Americans in the service jobs were so kind and FUNNY all of the time. At least for us!! We were so glad to see the night lights everywhere!! There was even a red heart on the Empire State Building. No, just kidding!!! But Times Square was brilliant as we went through a portion of it to our Hotel. Finally, we got off at the Port Authority and took a cab to the Hotel located about 10 blocks further! Then we were there!! Wow, were we happy to be finally there!! It was about 11:00 p.m. now and we were famished. No Hotel food was available without paying an arm and a leg, so we walked down the street a few blocks and found a Greek food vendor. We got some chicken, rice and zyros and took it back and ate and watched the news. Boy was that food HOT, I couldn't eat but a little bit, shoot, it taught me though, don't ask for a little hot sauce on it!!! Sleepy by time now, for tomorrow was our first day of exciting fun, sightseeing and THEATRE!!


Lara said...

You even made that long travel day sound so fun! :)

IM me when you want to post pictures and I'll walk you through it. It's super easy.

Shana said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful time!!