Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So our first day walking the streets of New York were exciting to say the least!! First, we slept through a tornado that hit Brooklyn and ripped up many trees and destroyed some neighborhoods, and then there was 3 inches of rain dropped in just an hour. It was crazy to wake up to that!
So off we went, first order of things was to eat breakfast, so we walked along 5th Avenue and turned on about 51st and found a cute little cafe! We ordered what we thought would be a small breakfast, oatmeal, eggs and toast. It was humongous to say the least!! We could have shared it!! (So from then on we talked about sharing things. ) Needless to say, we were completely full for the entire day until dinner!! But it was delicious! The cafe was an Indian one!
Boy, were we excited to go to the Museum of Modern Art! MoMa is what it is called. Here is a picture of looking outside from the main level! Once inside we were enthralled with the art! The picture below and to the right is done by a Romanian, Dan Perjovschi "What happened to us?",who painted an entire wall to the ceiling consisting
of issues of the day, it was quite interesting to see his perspective concerning the American life at this time.
This is the painting we really wanted to see!! "A Starry Night" by Van Gogh!! Everyone was crowded around this one!! It was beautiful to see! Look at those colors, just spectacular!!This museum was truly a treat! We loved it immensely!
Okay, so now the THEATRE we so looked forward to and it was the show "WICKED!" Oh, oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh, what can I say? It was astonishing, astounding, superb and all that!!! So the cast is shown below with the exception of Galinda was played by an understudy, whom by the way, was everything we could have wanted!! YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE THIS! The rest of the day was spent seeing Rockefeller Center, going to Saks Fifth Avenue and dying at the prices and really seeing nothing that impressed us at all!! But it was a good experience.
We were very tired so after we ate at TGIFriday's we went looking around some more. We got home around 9:00 p.m. and ordered the movie "Music and Lyrics" and laughed at that and then fell asleep excited for the next day!!

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All photos ©Joan Marcus

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